BB. not beauty balm.

Alright so News !
Headlines !

Bryan Boy is going to be working with TYRA on ANTM's 19th cycle.
Loved this show, was incredible.
but my question is  do people still watch it ?

but going on with all this TYRA talk i'm looking into my man bryan boy.
givin u a little info.

He is a filipino blogger, who is known for his bitchy and witty commentary on those in the industry and those in the public eye.
His blog has  "won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog The New York Post named him one of the nine hottest internet celebrities,and called him "one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars" and a "phenom in the fashion blogosphere" (WiKi)

If you ask me bryan boy has a reason for his fame.
often times we find it impossibly difficult to understand why someone is famous. however with bryan boy i think i get it. 
i don't think it's what he says that makes him what he is. i think it's who he is.
i like that he dresses in a way that makes us tilt our heads. 
being a woman and a fashion student i can appreciate anyone who takes a fashion risk. i understand the confidence needed to take a risk. 
and for some reason bryan boy's outfit in the orange and snakesin makes me fall in love. 
his unusual pairings remind me of a young child playing dress up. 
its a high end value village explosion that works.
weird huh.

S.O Fashion

happy surfing.

Shame filled, Shameless

So most recently i was introduced to a fantastic show called shameless.
it's filled with thought out characters,well plotted lives and stories and most defintiely a plot that will keep you on your toes.

This or That.

Feeling Black and white.

Feeling one way or another. 

Looking up. Galaxy above me. 

looking forward, History in front of me. 

One way or another. 

A complication of which side you belong too most. 

Never wanting to belong to anything except ourselves. 

it's a funny thing you know. 

S.O Fashion

Breath of H2O

so what have i discovered.
i have discovered i drink alot of coffee.
and i've been drinking ALOT of water which i hear is good or you.

but i have discovered i love alternative hip hop.
like i LOVE it.
i have discovered i love closing my eyes and feeling music.

i dont need to know the words, i just need to close my eyes and move.
its quite liberating. just have to try and do it somewhat harmoniously with the music.

i also wish i was more tanned.
i hate doing my hair.

and i'm going to try wearing more blue eye shadow this summer. seems summery on tan skin.

i also love beads. the tribal kind that are all brightly coloured.

so i'm expecting to make me some friendship bracelets. ahah

aquatic summer.

beds and foliage, hiding on rooftops behind trees. 
being free.

studs and things like that. 


dont wear clothes and save the planet.

at the end of the day still dont wear clothes and just breathe.

S.O Fashion

ps. i've been having trouble breathing lately.