Baseball, Wool, Quilting and Plaid.

So recently I was cleaning out my e-mail inbox.
Needless to say there was a lot of stuff i didn't need.  Rcently i've been trying not to spend any money. whether it be online or else where. Aka deleting all the e-mails from different online brands so as to not tempt me.

Whilst going through all my e-mails i came across the Club Monaco Coat Shop. Needless to say it got me pretty excited about fall.

Below are my Favourite Club Monaco coats.

Adee Poncho $349.00
Great Poncho, with a fury texture & a unique plaid.
The leather detailing and the exaggerated zipper and neck clasp add a modern feel to this garment.

Barbour Goring Jacket $299.00
Ahhh this jacket is so sexy. Its cropped and sinches in the waist perfectly.The quilting is so modern yet provides an old school British feel. This jacket will add a little umph to almost any outfit. 

Darci Coat $550.00
This jacket is KILLER. Its masculine feel and old baseball style raglan sleeves provide a modern feel to a detail that is usually seen cropped and puffy. It's sleek and streamlined.

Rylie Wrap Coat $449.00
There are few things better than Robe styled coat. this is easy and polished and can be thrown over a tshirt and jeans or over a lovely cocktail dress, all is dependant of the fabric. 

Keep it classy.

Kurios very curios

So recently I went to Cirque du Soleil with a girlfriend of mine and it was amazing. I've been to Cirque de Soleil before and i've always been in awe of how the performers can contort and create.
This was no different. 
Jugglers, Acrobats , Gymnasts , Ribbon and Rope work, Hand Balancers etc...
It was all absolutely captivating, the scene was placed in an Old turn of the era setting. The Set was incredible, old wood and rustic metallic details, intricately woven tapestry nothing was spared, not even the live music and band hidden behind a huge metallic netting inserted into a clock. 
If you ever have the opportunity to go see a show GO, I promise you won't want to leave
You'll be glued to your seat after the show is done with stupefaction and wonder.

Fashion Magazine recently did a great feature with the props of Cirque Du Soleil that will be featured in the October 2014. The images speak for themselves. The images were taken by Chris Nicholls and featured Alexandra Tomlinson. 

The photographer did a killer job however I feel as though they could have chosen a model with a more eerie look. For me Alexandra is just a little too pretty, maybe its the styling of the hair, but this could have been a shoot that got pushed to the edge but instead it just fell a little short. 
Nonetheless the Cirque elements are amazing, and i hope the imagery encourages everyone to go to a performance at least once in their lifetime.

S.O Fashion

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 Jeremy Scott SS15
Marni SS15