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i'm a fucking sprinting ballerina . bitch.

so lately i've noticed i've gotten slightly fat. ahah
well not fat but soft.
my abs have faded into the background and my legs aren't as toned. so i have decided that i'm gunna get my ass back into shape. but heres the problem.

i never log anything, i never keep track the only way i do is mentally, i'll try and remember what i've ran etc.

also i'm going to try and start stretching and getting my splits now that i don't have large amounts of school work to be doing
so therefore i am going to log my runs on my blog and therefore i am held accountable by someone else.

ugh i wish i could just be automatically fit . grrr.

S.O Fashion

p.s today was my official day back to running.
adjectives of the day, perky fresh and zesty.

not quite sure .savage

so not really sure hat i'm thinking about lately i've sorta been out of it.
i've sort of been thinking of the Alexander McQueen Showcase at the MET in NYC.

all his beautiful works of art displayed in one place, it seems surreal. picturing all the materials that went into his creations and all of the time.
ugh. slightly unreal, sickening and time consuming.
by sickening i mean it makes me sick to ever think of trying that hard ahaha.

well the event is incredible, the NewYork Times did an article about it and how people were constantly showing up to the museum in extravagant McQueen gowns and once again paying their private respects to the late designer

S.O Fashion

Inez and Vinoodh...not voodoo

 So recently while lurking the world of the internet i came across a great article from

the article was informative and filled me in on these great photographers Inez and Vinoodh who've photographed the 2011 CFDA nominees. their portraits are gorgeous.
however once i continued to search them and their work i discovered that they're positively incredible.

their portraits are flawless.

Portraits of CFDA Nominees
Gorgeous Alexander Wang looking fierce dark and gorgeous

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez

Gaga over Gaga

Marc Jacobs
S.O Fashion

just a pawn♟

welcome to his crazy life.

i found this video on the internet i thought he seemed like  really interesting person, i felt as though it was worth checkin out for anyone who is in love with fashion, lady gaga, out there fashions and photo shoots. enjoy !

S.O Fashion

ps: its a beautiful day today get outside but don't forget your sunblock, cancer is never in fashion.

Rita Rita Ritaaaa

so lately i've been putting my brain into complete overdrive with pictures of brightly braided fishtails from
and then i received a lovely comment from a reader of my blog. it was lovely. and when i went onto her blog i saw some great pictures.
"Look out down Below "

i then realized it was worth a try and since someone so nice wrote on my blog i figured i'd try it out.
well i did me a solid and went to SDM and got myself some manic panic.

i got Ultra violet and Fuschia shock.
i'm hoping that the Fuschia tones down a little but i thoroughly am enjoying the violet.
strangely enough when i added the bright colours to my mane i felt new, revived. 
slightly different.
I first put a small streak on the underside of my hair. but it wasn't enough and it wasn't bright enough.
and then i put more, i added some fuschia too, this picture is slightly brutal because my hair looks completely scraggly, in real life it looks much nicer
i felt like braiding and photoshopping, i slightly love it.

I now have purple hair. go try it out, you'll love it.

S.O Fashion

Heart like a lion

i'm sorry that lately that my posts haven't been too fashion related, on that frontier i sort of fail.

lately life has been throwing some  lessons at me. One lesson that i haven't really had to learn was the lesson about bravery.
i've never been much of a brave person, most people would just say that i have no filter, and while it may seem that what i'm saying is bold since i never really think about what i'm saying my bravery hasn't had to really kick in. 

lately i've gotten slightly boring and quiet, no clue why and well i've been thinking about what i say before i say it. weird eh aha.

well i've begun to realize that bravery plays a huge part in how we present something, we need to stop being scared and be strong. no word vomit but logic ,direct explanations that make complete sense. 
life is an oral presentation.
well spoken ideas need to be articulated and we need to stand behind ourselves.
just a thought that has been running through my mind since "lately i've been feeling like a coward more than ever." 
yes i really did just quote myself.

bought a shirt like this recently , i'm slightly in love, excessive wearing is yet to take place!

i love these, sad thing is they'll chip before she knows, but going along with today's theme of bravery i felt as though they needed to be showcased.  however her nails look too wet kinda turns me off . 

i am so overdue for a vacation you couldn't even imagine jut how badly, i desperately need a solid month of relaxation, frolicking in the sand, excessive drinking and couple massages with the gorgeous tanned Spanish princes i'll be dating. yes several aha.

i think that extreme sports require guts,bravery and balls. you better have your shit together before you go ride the tube and /or the barrel. i desperately need to be brave and try new things ugh

speaking of new things these are great and depending on where i say them and who was wearing them i'd probably be a little confused but i think they look great. i loved the sock trend for fall, i definitely want it to come back for FW 11, and if the world decides not too I WILL!
if you want something you go for it, and this trend is too sexy to pass up !

S.O Fashion

set me fuckin FREE

so i'm currently working through some things. 

some things known as "get me the fuck out of here".

so i came home from school, back to the little town, back to this place where i feel nobody gets me. this place where i'm so tired of everyone. 
back to this town where nothing changes.
this town where nothing seems fresh.
i'd be more beautiful carelessly, hopelessly, with tragic envy reflecting from everywhere.
i wish people could look into my eyes the way i can look into others and just see something there that they've never realized before.
i want to start my life over again.
i know its a cliche but there things i would have done differently. 
i think i might have been less caring about things. about people, towards people.
it sounds stupid right ? you want to be more careless, thoughtless, insensitive. i know it sounds so awful what kind of super bitch thinks this shit up right..
sadly i do.
i'd live with more passion from the beginning i would have created a different person, i would have been a different me, a me-er me.
i wish i could be bad without feeling that way, do things without wanting to take them back once they were done. i wish i could say: and find out if we would.
i wish i could post that without someone thinking i'm a complete whore.
i wish the worlds could be a better place so that well fuck a girl could catch a break.
not being a fucked up person or anything i just wish i could set myself free from this life and these standards i've created for myself. 

i wish i could be mindless. 
i wish i could be different.
more different

away from everything.

S.O Fashion

sweat pants hair tied chillin' with no makeup on...

so today i worked and yesterday i worked and tomorrow i work.
and i have strep throat.
but i'm poor so i don't mind . aha
so right now i'm currently having some down time.

wool socks.
comfy sweater.
no makeup.
hair mask in, hair up.
tea & cold water.

i'm also currently watching Charlie's Angels which i must say is probably one of my favourite movies.
so i'm lying here i thought you might want to look at something that i might be thinking about.

So Zoe Saldana makes me want summer. her bright pastel yellow maxi dress makes me want easy breezy beautiful summer.
it makes me think of sand and makes me think of how she looks so beautiful and completely not overdone. 
this reminds me of what summer should be. beaches, sand mojitos bikinis and half naked boys. 
it makes me also want to be sun kissed, or man kissed... whatever wrks.

if realized that i desperatly need shoes i can wear everyday, but the problem is i'm sort of boring, i need to learn to dress with more colour and i would slightly love these shoes. i could rock em '.
i love laceups and i love grips and well they scream "rocknroll. bad girl. sex" i sort of love them.

i desperately need some leather, or bad in my wardrobe ..
i love models. it sounds so silly put they're china doll faces make me so jealous.
perfect skin, perfectly shaped eyes and lips and gorgeous bone structure.
Ugh fuck you both

 just because orange is in for spring , and because i love lipstick.

S.O Fashion

soup, freezies & skins

so i went to the doctor today and she told me i have strep throat.
i frowned.
she told me it's just starting.
i just have that gross body buzz, the sick one not the drunk one.
and then i went to buy soup and the lady at the check out was a bitch to me.
i wanted to cough strep throat in her face. ahaha.
the soup wasn't even that awesome, aka 2 points for her.
i bought freezies too. they're in the freezer.
but since i'm home today instead of working i of course was looking for some fashion worthy shots.

this picture was used in a photoshoot that was about greek gods.
they definitely captured it. 

i hate camo, and i don't like this bad either.
a pretty ginger

i am quite a Star Wars fan.
might be embarrassing cause it's considered nerdy -i like.
jar jar binks ♡

this is for my friend KS cause she does lovely things for other people and she deserves a smile.
too smile.

S.O Fashion



Dear everyone and anybody who reads this blog.
Female, Male, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, whatever it may be please keep reading.

Recently i haven't had the desire or urge to blog but most recently a great man brought something to my attention.
something very important.

UGANDA is currently trying to pass an act that will allow the killing of LGBT (lesbians, gay, bi, transgender)

first of all i would like to state that if you agree with this : GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG.

i'd like you too reach not too far back into history and remind yourself of a jerk named Hitler.

remember him?

if we take a look at what is currently going on in Uganda it's similar except they're passing a law too make this legal?
how fucked up is this world.
i thought all this bullshit had been extinguished.
apparently not.

as a human of the world it is our duty to stand up for others.

i'd like to ask you too sign the petition that will hopefully prevent this from happening. nobody deserves to be discriminated against. not even you.

below is the link to sign the petition, thank you.

S.O Fashion

Potentially increasingly bizarre.

so today is my first day "off" and by off i mean i'm still working just not DT.
its a beautiful day and i find myself completely losing the urge to ever run again, its kinda weird cause it's all i ever used to do with my time.
i'm maybe going shopping today with my mom because the ridiculously large quantity of clothes i currently have in my closet seem insufficient.
i want loose breezy clothes that make me feel all comfy.
i want fall coloured clothes that are plain and stylized.
aka i really don't know what i want i just don't want it tight.


is there any other way ?

baby tiger <3

glorious boots

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