hmm hi ho

ok so today i've felt like shit. like just a completely good for nothing mood.
it's like someone slapped me with a moody stick. and no i don't have my period. 
but anyways i've been all bitchy-ish, lazy and sluggish and now i have a surge of creativity. 
i got my grades back from Post-secondary and turns out i'm mad good at fashion.
aka all A's.
and then my new next door neighbour, turns out she works for MAC, Estee Lauder, Tom ford and some other bitchin labels. 
and well she brought be a BUNCH of makeup and is going to make another "gift bag with more neutral tones for you"
i love her.
and so now i feel creative. it's cute how that works. 
i wanna do makeup and take pictures and edit and basically make a fashion magazine. 
ye we are aiming high but fuck it.
and since she brought colours it makes me wanna look at glitter and beautifully bright and perky pictures.
aka the pictures found below feature some pretty subjects that perk me up.
gorgeous strappy heels, that should be made of suede.
Louboutins that should be in SATC.

Vacations, tropics.


beautiful people in kitten masks

Blackberry, Asian character Keychain, and bold colours.
Mushy Creation of pure goodness
 S.O Fashion

life isn't sexy enough.

alright so this is a post i feel very strong about.
alright i wish that life was sexier and riskier. nowadays everything is so bland, there's no bite no passion.
we need to bring back the sex.
the heels the lipstick , the mystery.
nowadays girls are walking around with frizzy platinum blonde hair,huge hooker hoop earrings dark eye makeup, and cheap clothes.
it all just screams trying.
i want the days where women wore knee length skirts and let their underskirts peek out.
the days where women had seams in the back of their hosiery and black patent heels.
the days where sexy didn't mean having your nipples out your thong peeking and and a short skirt.
sexy is classy,sexy is mysterious. sexy is everything that i never see anymore.

personally i think the strongest element of sexy is mystery.
masquerades always prove to be the sexiest.
i'm sort of wishing there was a club and before you entered you put on a mask.
it was like cover.
and the club had stripper poles and aerialists, popping champagne, velvet, leather diamonds.
essentially the moulin rouge but with masks.

S.O Fashion
p.s:dear justin, you never really brought sexy back.*sigh*


due to my excessive boredom and fizzling passion today i made myself a new computer background.
i know right pathetic.

S.O Fashion

Kate kate kat kat ka k moss.

unsure if you've hear but Kate moss is the new face of Dior's SS 2011 Beauty.

im so happy to see her in this position. she is one of the Original models for me.
i think she's great.
i always thought she was too good for Rimmel London.
take a peak at the video above. and enjoy the snap shots below.
J'adore Dior.

J'adore Dior

S.O Fashion

confusing my head

oh the beauty of photography.
you love it i know you do.
these pictures reflect how i've been feeling lately, messy and confused , more or less restrained.

S.O Fashion
ps. ed, dearly missed.♥

Pure greatness

I am currently madly in love with this song, you all should fall in love with it too k.♕

S.O Fashion

You're a jerk .smile.

alright so my friend he sucks.
and i now have spare time on my hands, looks like alot of people liked yesterday's pictures , happy to hear.
well today hopefully you'll be satisfied as well ....hopefully haha.
maybe not as much sex and glamour but we'll see what's to be found in my "Un-used" file cabinet.

she's ukrainian and sexy , just sayin.

S.O Fashion

p.s: you're ok.
Hope everyone had a good Easter ♡

you all need to stop.

so i am officially home.
it's okay, i finally got to see my lover so that improved the entire situation.
however i just want everybody else to go away.
do you ever have those days when you swear everyone is just picking on you and making things much more difficult than they need to be.
ya lately it's been like that, so annoying.
whatever, i guess it happens to everyone.
today i am just not in the mood for much of anything at all, oh what a slump.
this includes blogging, quite sad, note good pictures to replace my lack of words.
umm, sorry...




S.O Fashion
ps. Happy Easter

a day to remember.

  alright so today is officially my last day in rez.
i'm quite devastated but i can't wait to go home and enjoy my cute little town.
it's a funny thing, there really is no place like home.
i never thought i'd say it but i'm really realizing how i need to appreciate my parents.
i'm spoiled.
and i just realized it.
not a bitchy "mommy i want a pony" (british accent) but just a type of spoiled where they're far to generous. they love me , maybe sometimes i abuse their love. i'm sorry.

well nonetheless i can't wait to spend a day with my mom ,or watch a movie with them ♥
i can't wait to see my grandma's hand have them feed me with traditional ukrainian food.
i can't wait to take a fucking bath.
i can't wait to go to the beach and jam all the way there with my one love.

anyways picture time.





Une idee

ok, j'ai une idee.

chaque mois je vais faire de mon mieux d'écrire un post en francais.
récemment j'ai réaliser que j'ai du mal a parler le francais, mes verbs je m'en fou, mai l'habilite d'y parler c'est tres important et j'ai pas du tout envie d'y perdre. donc malheureusement pour mes lecteurs et lectrices anglophones il va vous falloir un dictionaire ou au moins un service de translation.
malheureusement pour mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones vous allez voir toutes mes erreurs d'autographe et c'est tout.

peut être vous vous posez la question- pour quoi cette fille a décider de faire quelque chose comme ça ?

c'est pour Chanel. 
aujourd'hui je chercher pour des belles photos de Mademoiselle Chanel et j'ai décider que dans l'industrie de Fashion il faut parler francais, sans doute c'est 100% nécessaire.
donc, bonjour.

S.O Fashion
ps: aurevoir

will this be forever...

so school is over and i've pretty much just been hanging out at school until thursday.
you know what i hate, i hate that i miss school. miss the business miss the madness.
i hate that without direction from others i'm totally useless.
i feel unable to want to do anything and if it was possible for me to stay in a permanent state of tired i might actually lay in bed all day.
but in a sunny room with white bra and undies. something light and ethereal.
not one of those gloomy rooms.
most days I just hate being at home. not because or the people or anything but i just feel like if i'm up i need to get out. I need to leave the room need to go somewhere.
when i feel completely unable to REALLY go anywhere i take my brain and i just remove it and distract myself with images.
i usually go on post secret or or other blogs or stumble upon.

i just hate feeling completely lonely, and strangely enough the pictures help me forget.

so, i feel as though i should help distract yo from whatever you may not want to think about.
distract you with a fantasy and beautiful images. enjoy.
made for walkin

perfect fit

chains and whips excite me.



i love alcohol

S.O Fashion

college finito. el salvador.

alright so if you scroll back to my very first blog post this all began with college.
the day i applied for college i created this beauty.
 she's evolved a little , taken on a new form , became someone.
well i feel as though i should let you know that my first year was INCREDIBLE.
i've learned so much and i already feel well on my way to becoming the person i want to be.
we never truly realize how much we like things until a moment, just one.

sounds a little silly.
but this year at the third years UNBOUND fashion show i got a small adrenaline rush thinking about how great it feels to be doing what i want.
just a feeling of certainty.
 so in celebration of me being brilliant & humble here some snap shots.

what i would do to float.






S.O Fashion

Ps: bonjour chérie.