to create is too dig deep.

i am exhausted. physically drained from working my ass off all summer.
working in a retail store. working in a non-retail store.

i feel as though i'm exhausted from working so much. and then i come home and sleep.
i need to do something brilliant, so i sit down pull out my pencils and then i ju..ZzZzZzZzzzz

see where i'm going with this. i'm tired.

sucks because i wish i wasn't because i know i could do something brilliant.
lately Tim hortons coffee has been helping. Large regular with Milk

i want to create something beautiful.
i want to create something that makes you cry.
i want to make something that does something that matters, that helps someone.

i want it to be beautiful.

unique and simple with a dash of personality.

S.O Fashion

Zo Ya Dig?

Zadig and Volatire is this wicked Designer Label.

edgy and clean pieces.
easy to mix and gorgeously constructed.

Company profile
Founded in 1997 by Thierry GillierZadig & Voltaire is enjoying undeniable success in the high end ready-to-wear sector. Luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk and leather are the signature of the brand. Zadig aims to embody a new luxury by giving fashion basics a playful and resolutely rock 'n' roll twist: a more affordable, stylish and laid-back luxury. The spirit of the brand is recognisable thanks to its distinctive style codes, timeless pieces and musthave cuts.

Right from its very beginnings Zadig & Voltaire has effortlessly established itself as a concept-store designer that is ahead of its time. Classics are revisited each season: elaborate cashmere sweaters, customised Tunisian T-shirts, and distressed, ripped jeans constitute the must-haves of the brand.

S.O Fashion

painfully regretful

one of the things i've noticed lately is my hair. 

it's super naturally blonde and so dry.
my mom bought me some Redken shampoo to moisturize my hair and to make my blonde highlights shine.

needless to say it was awful.
their conditioner did not condition. their shampoo smelled good and lathered decently but not great.
not too mention, their shampoo made my hair feel so immediately dry after i shampooed.

honestly i was so disappointed.

i also tried the Moroccan shampoo by the organics brand.

also complete shit.
conditioner sucked no moisture.

Redken ✭✭ and half 
Moroccan Argan oil✭

so since my hair has been dying slowly i changed conditioners.
lately i've been using DOVE Intensive Repair 

without a doubt in my mind i give it ✭✭✭✭✭
it has honestly gotten rid of so many of my split ends and i can actually see a HUGE difference in the texture of my hair.

i fully recommend it and if Dove feels like it feel free to send me more free goodies because they are incredible!

S.O Fashion

optimistic thinking.

so today i set up a facebook page for my blog.
i hope that it helps get my name out there.

this blog has sort of evolved into a type of release. if i have something to say, i say it here.
if i have something to show off i do it here.

pretty much i do it here.

anyways i just wanted to encourage anyone who follows my blog to follow me on facebook : )

S.O Fashion

missing 8 heads

omg so i am going to attempt being creative today, i'm permanently terrified but i've decided that i need to train myself to draw the same way i train my body to exercise.

will it be fun, nope probably not .
but is body training fun , hell no.

so i have set my room up to be mega comfortable, dim lighting candles fan window open to the pitter patter of the rain.
today i'll let the west wind blow in some love.

i'll let you know how it goes but i hope that it will be successful.

i love pictures like this because hey look so hopeless, you know they aren't since you're looking at them on your screen but i love seeing the process, like whoever thought of this is slightly a genius nothing thats a big deal but something that is just plain and cool.

and if you think a little deeper you can see a little bit of sexism emerging in themes.
i find it intriguing.

Vintage revival, DMC way back play back, bursting bubble with fading colours. yes please

ehshit happens.

my room looks alot like this. and well i love cozy.

it's one of my favourite words in the english language.

cozy |ˈkōzē| ( Brit. cosy)
adjective ( -zier -ziest )
giving a feeling of comfortwarmthand relaxation a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees.
• (of a relationship or conversation) intimate and relaxed.• avoiding or not offering challenge or difficulty; complacent a rather cozy assumption among automakers that they would neveractually go bust.• (of a transaction or arrangement) working to the mutual advantage of those involved (used to convey a suspicion of corruption) a cozy deal.
noun ( pl. -zies)
a cover to keep a teapot hot.
verb ( -zies, -zied) [ trans. informal
impart a feeling or quality of comfort to (something) the wood stove really cozies up the house.
• [ trans. informal give (someone) a feeling of comfort or complacency she cozied him, pretending to find him irresistibly attractive.• [ intrans. ( cozy up to) snuggle up to he cozied up to the heater.• [ intrans. ( cozy up to) ingratiate oneself with he decided to resign rather than cozy

S.O Fashionxo

i like people who make me feel cozy. in all the sense of the word.

dear Rachel you're a raging bitch.

Alright so recently me and my roomie have been talking lots cause well school is soon approaching and well  we both need to get out of the small shit towns we live in.

my level fof excitement for this year is through the roof.

eventually turning 19, going out lots, meeting sexy boys doing my thing with one of my bestfriends um yes please.

borrowing each others clothes tearing shit up, killin it at school takin bitches out .. you know the usual ahah

anyways i felt as though i needed to make a small compilation of pictures to describe some stuff.

oh college .. ahah

having friends is like having more than one closet and a couple personal stylists.

telling incompetent people to leave and go do something productive with their lives.

doing whatever we want. stomping on negative people.

we go to school for fashion, lets just say theres alot of people who hate us.

one brunette one blonde , first one crazy as the next. ♥

two friends being free as we can be.

Love you girl xo

S.O Fashion

fuck yes

no love in your refresh.

So lately i have started to like something totally weird and unlikely me, i've started to like Aritzia.
Random and unlike me i always have seen Aritzia a place where slutty wannabe girls shop.. sorry if you shop there.
girls who wear pencil skirts and crop tops, or TNA tracksuits (i just threw up)
i would like to just say that TNA suits are the ultimate slutty trademark. 

however back to my original point, aritzia should be that place that you shop at occasionally but not the place you fill your entire wardrobe with. anyways i just wanted to mention aritzia to you because they are having this huge shopping spree right now that you should more than for sure consider hitting up. just sayin...


you won't forget her name

S.O Fashion

Bite Me... Hard.

So   August is "get fit month"
it means i watch what i eat and exercise regularly.

i eat healthy non processed food. and i don't snack like a wild animal.

however in the midst of all this i've decided to post some food pictures to tempt you all as much as me.


enjoy you hungry fuckers.

S.O Fashion