um hi, its been awhile.

Hey shit heads.

so its been brutally long but let me explain.
i have no life.
i spend my life doing homework all day everyday.
it totally sucks because well i have no life.
other than my love obsession with chuck bas..oh wait, yeah never mind i have no life.
Okay so one of my newest and most favourite companies is called byboe.
its a jewellery company out of new york. their jewelry is unreal.

it;s modern and fresh and so simple. 
love their geometrics.
i especially love the simplicity of everything. 
i dont like jewellery and i used to think i loved chunky jewellery but now i am absolutely obsessed with thin modern BUT NOT ultra feminine jewelry. 
layering it, is gods gift to us femininely challenged females.

byboe. is definitely worth checking out, not only are their pieces amazing, their prices are low low low.

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and many others

S.O Fashion


So I find myself always discovering myself.
i'm always interested in almost everything.
i try and become a hub of knowledge, i want to acquire all the knowledge i can.
but realistically there isn't enough time for this.
so i need to filter out everything that isn't really truly relevant too me and focus on what i can actually accomplish.
but then question is : having a thirst for ALL knowledge how can i truly be certain of what i want?

S.O Fashion

Spread out like jam


so most recently i've been really born all the time right.


so most recently i have turned into one of those people who look for anything to keep themselves occupied.
i've decided to start learning spanish, then italian.
and i most recently am drawing a teeny bit more.
i've started a project which i'm calling "the end"
i have this problem which goes a little something like this: i can start a drawing but than mid idea i decided i hate it and throw it out. so recently i've decided that i can't keep doing that.
so i biked my butt to staples, stocked up on supplies.
and i am now committed to finishing any drawing that i start.

so far so good, also going to start switching up the mediums i'm using.

secondly i am looking into yoga.
like some serious strength training. and stretching.
needless to say i'm trying to spread myself quite thin.
just trying to get my hand in a few cookie jars.
looking forward to trying new things.
we'll see how all this goes.
however due to my lack of motivation (as per usual) i'm using inspirational images to keep me going.
its rough stuff .

check er'

S.O Fashion

shemamigans chanel.

alright so as i promised i am doing a review of Chanel resort 2012 because it is a mess.
a dirty mess.
no offense karl.

going to school for fashion i understand a tiny thing or two.
not stating i know more than i do.
but like honestly what was he thinking.

parts of the collection scream Stepford Wives, with bad shoes.
others scream menswear gone mysteriously awful.
than the rest reminds me of The Little Vampire gone haute couture.


not sure what happened with this one. terribly disappointed.
the models didn't even look ALIKE.
makeup accessories etc.
if you are going t throw a runway show together with approx. 74 looks make sure you take the extra minute.
if you're in fashion you understand the incredible artistry that karl runs his world with.
therefore it comes as a complete shock to see him fail with such magnitude.
 anyways use that tool i told you folks about ages ago to check the  rest of the collection out.

S.O Fashion 

sigh sigh sigh sigh

lovin some locks

Soooo. in my spare time i do , well i have spare time.

i like to look thing up.
i like to discover new things, whether this includes media etc. i just like to find new shit.

recently i discovered a funny show called suburgatory.
on suburgatory i also discovered a guy named thomas mcdonell.
however he does not look like a thomas.

he looks like a babe with long hair .

this is me admitting to loving boys with long hair.

what a babe. 
ps check out suburgatory. short and sweet. 

Open Anew

Woah my life is totally weird right now. 
i have sporadic bursts of creativity and then they die. 
i need to train myself to be creative, easier said than done. 
however i'm finding that i'm having an easier time finding inspiration.
i'm looking at things in a different way.
just not doing anything with them. 

i've been planning my life a wee bit. 
figuring out what i want to do when schools over.
fiji. australia. bali. india.

looking at things from new eyes.
open your eyes, and SEE your life. understand it.

S.O Fashion 

Earth baby, re-usable.

S.O Fashion

Banger banger

So every now and then i run into a problem.
my hair looks like shit.
this is a problem.
i can't seem to convince myself to cut my hair in plain carrie underwood bangs.
which years ago i used to have.
and i don't want to keep the hair i have now because its plain.
usually middle part. straight,wavy,or kinky.
i think i want bangs but i remain unable to decide for sure because i dont want them to give me spots on my forehead and because they get dirty so quickly.

so here i am unsure of what to do. but i have a flat mop on my head so the question is what do i do . ahh.

here is a photo of what i like.

but i feel like it'll look bad on me cause i'm blonde.
maybe i just need to learn how to do new things with my hair. hmmm. yet to be decided.

however i think it's going to require a little more hair effort.

S.O Fashion

i'll keep you posted with what i do.

also i need to start looking for a fierce outfit for 2 weddings.

BB. not beauty balm.

Alright so News !
Headlines !

Bryan Boy is going to be working with TYRA on ANTM's 19th cycle.
Loved this show, was incredible.
but my question is  do people still watch it ?

but going on with all this TYRA talk i'm looking into my man bryan boy.
givin u a little info.

He is a filipino blogger, who is known for his bitchy and witty commentary on those in the industry and those in the public eye.
His blog has  "won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog The New York Post named him one of the nine hottest internet celebrities,and called him "one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars" and a "phenom in the fashion blogosphere" (WiKi)

If you ask me bryan boy has a reason for his fame.
often times we find it impossibly difficult to understand why someone is famous. however with bryan boy i think i get it. 
i don't think it's what he says that makes him what he is. i think it's who he is.
i like that he dresses in a way that makes us tilt our heads. 
being a woman and a fashion student i can appreciate anyone who takes a fashion risk. i understand the confidence needed to take a risk. 
and for some reason bryan boy's outfit in the orange and snakesin makes me fall in love. 
his unusual pairings remind me of a young child playing dress up. 
its a high end value village explosion that works.
weird huh.

S.O Fashion

happy surfing.

Shame filled, Shameless

So most recently i was introduced to a fantastic show called shameless.
it's filled with thought out characters,well plotted lives and stories and most defintiely a plot that will keep you on your toes.

This or That.

Feeling Black and white.

Feeling one way or another. 

Looking up. Galaxy above me. 

looking forward, History in front of me. 

One way or another. 

A complication of which side you belong too most. 

Never wanting to belong to anything except ourselves. 

it's a funny thing you know. 

S.O Fashion

Breath of H2O

so what have i discovered.
i have discovered i drink alot of coffee.
and i've been drinking ALOT of water which i hear is good or you.

but i have discovered i love alternative hip hop.
like i LOVE it.
i have discovered i love closing my eyes and feeling music.

i dont need to know the words, i just need to close my eyes and move.
its quite liberating. just have to try and do it somewhat harmoniously with the music.

i also wish i was more tanned.
i hate doing my hair.

and i'm going to try wearing more blue eye shadow this summer. seems summery on tan skin.

i also love beads. the tribal kind that are all brightly coloured.

so i'm expecting to make me some friendship bracelets. ahah

aquatic summer.

beds and foliage, hiding on rooftops behind trees. 
being free.

studs and things like that. 


dont wear clothes and save the planet.

at the end of the day still dont wear clothes and just breathe.

S.O Fashion

ps. i've been having trouble breathing lately.

Just another day ?

needless to say it is quite clear that i have not posted in anything in forever..
i've been occupied. hardly an excuse though.

however i do have some slightly exciting news.
i am done my second year of school.
can't wait to finish the last one.

can't wait to be officially set free into the world with an education.
however my other not exciting news is that i am getting a fabulous camera for the summer. a nice one that i can take great pictures with.
a sexy cannon t2i or something like that.

i also am going on a soul searching mission. therefore i will be trying lots of new things this summer. trying them to see if i like them!


so stay tuned.
also my incredibly talented best friend andrea won an exceptional award.
she will be featured on alongside her designs from this years UNBOUND2012. i think so.

S.O Fashion

ps. can someone give me advice as to some cool shit i should try this summer..
hair colours?
anything. like i said im bored.

Recent Craze

i feel as though we all go through small phases of different things.
whether it is diet crazing or a specific colour we love we go through moments of obsession.

well i'm developping an obsession...
i LOVE smoothies.
sounds weird right.. i know .

i love that its a healthy alternative to a full meal.
its something easy that nobody really thinks about.

i think eating healthy is MEGA important.
therefore here are some of my favourite recipes to look at.
and a delicious smoothie to try

S.O Fashion

Be a the boss you are.

 So last night i wrote an article for the school newspaper.
funny how i write encouraging things for people but i can never take my won advice. woops.
so i think it's about time i start right.
i've decided my fashion choices maybe require more ingenuity.,
lately i've been all charcoal bone and black. maybe it's a bout time i try something else.
just maybe

maybe i'll be a sex kitten.
maybe i'll be a mysterious movie star

maybe i'll be a wife beating dumbfuck.

maybe i'll be myself on a larger scale of risky

All to be felt up and felt out. 

S.O Fashion