Glen Baxter is my friend

Alright so school is done and i can't believe it .
3 years of my life done. done. done. done.

so for the last three years i have been learning to sew and pattern make etc.
and so for my final year of school i designed and produced a collection called Epicurean Indigene.

it was insipired by my belief in how important culture is. 
it was based off of WGSN's Desert Explorer macrotrend. 
i like it and i hope you do too.

it was featured at the London Ontario UNBOUND 2013 Fashion show. 
which, if you didn't know took place on April 12th.

Here are some photos from the show. 



Glen Baxter (from former Fashion Television) and I. 

S.O Fashion


so this one time i grew a huge pair of balls and shaved my head. it's a lil crazy. i love it.

Oh M♢n Dieu.. et le tiens?

needless to say new years is always a confusing thing for me.
it's always a disappointment. it never turns out as it should. but i suppose thats okay.

this new years i maybe am thinking of resolutions and these are the general things in my life i want to change.

1. Delete shit people from my life and find interesting , deep people that i could see myself travelling with.
2. Drink more water, tea included.
3. Follow through with plans.
        - i am moving to montreal in september.
        - i am going to Denmark in June.
4. Motivate myself and others in everything and anything.
5. considering turning too mainly natural everything.