Photo Whore ..

I have without a doubt been going on photo rampages. 

S.O Fashion

oh photoshop

it's kind of cool how photoshop makes tylenol look so badass.


this is how i live.

S.O Fashion

Sex & Drugs dangerously gorgeous.

I have this secret, guilty pleasure... drugs. 
i don't do them but i think drug culture is incredible.
it all seems so beautiful. it all seems so sparkly.
the photos you will see from now on will be the ode to my conscience. 
they're the photos that let me sleep at night.
knowing that someone else out there is doing it.
seems almost like a fucking blast, too bad i'm too good.
no not better than, but literally like i've been raised to feel awful for doing such things and i can't move past it.
i want fuckin sparkle.


S.O Fashion

you got me sick, i scratched your back & left you a hickey...

Today is a weird day
today i am weird.
i fel ill. and uncaring.
my head hurts and i wish to be free today, i want to get on a plane and fly away.
or get into a car and drive all down Route 66. 
red convertible free & legere.
here is it what i've stumbled upon lately enjoy.

S.O Fashion
ps: stop asking because i don't know what i want

Got a secret can you keep it ?

Alright so lately things have been normal, bizarre sometimes too.
soon school will be over and i am swearing to myself that i will be extremely productive
* Thumbs up*

i'm gunna spit some thoughts out because i'm just in that type of mood.
i was considering living through my horoscope.
it crossed my mind today and seemed like an interesting thing to try.
and then i realized how crazy things could end up aha

well as per normal i am ready to blow your minds away with deliciously rich photos.
enjoy fuckers.

S.O Fashion

Screw Yesterday.
Make Love to Today.
Fuck Tomorrow.

Careful...B you might turn into an addict ...


Ok so urged by a curious little woman i have been encouraged to right this post .. like. now.
curious about masturbation she has been prompting me to explain it all.

Masturbation is one of those topics that nobody really talks about.
its awkward..
who does it too much..
who doesn't do it enough..
and who doesn't do it at all ..

step one masturbation is normal. if anything its a great thing. women don't like talking about because well.. i have no fucking clue.

you'd be amazed at how much someone opens up when you talk about it.
do i masturbate : yes
should you masturbate: yes
if you haven't is that normal : um i say no but i'm no doctor.
recently i went on an excursion to a sex shop , i bought hand cuffs.. kinky - yes i am .
however when i was there i was literally flabbergasted by the amounts of dildos and vibrators ranging from 30$- 230$.
i swear technology has improved. it's amazing what they can do nowadays
i literally saw a vibrator that goes off if you contract the muscles in your vagina.
impressed- absolutely, tempted -even more.
the thing about masturbation is only you know what feels right to you.
everybody is different.
boys are so desperately curious about this part of our lives its almost incredible.
well boys let me tell you something: us girls, we don't all touch ourselves the way you touch us.
not all of us stimulate our clits or "dart" ourselves.
sometimes that's your job.
but for those nights when YOU boys can't get it right we do it ourselves. its the pleasure of gettin down to business.
so listen up.

there are a million ways to please yourself so take a little trip down south and explore if you haven't already.

also vibrators can be a tricky thing so i've conjured up a petit dictionary so you know what you're gettin yourself into , or better yet what's gettin into you * wink*

Diamond encrusted Vibrator: meant to hit the G-Spot, Note the curve
One manoeuvre that's not natural for our male friends.
unless you were "born that way" then Good for you ! 
Vibrators with bunny ears : bunny ears used to stimulate your clit while stimulating your insides.
LELO: the leader in vibrators, isn't it so cute ahah
Dildo, no vibration aka kickin it old school
real life styled dildos freak me out.
not as cute as LELO.
Take your pick.

& the sexting begins

I often wonder where these photos come from.
who takes them ?
probably terry richardson and all the other photography goons.
goons term of endearment
it's as if these photos are made by some mysterious being and thrown into the glorious universe. 
they aren't taken , they're created.
they re-flect a scene or time or person or nothing.
they're visual nouns.

where do i go from here?
born for the peaceful
silly and bent

S.O Fashion

just because i can.

as far as i'm concerned, none of you matter...

Oh Sex..
it's everybody's favourite topic isn't it.
no it's not my favourite although you might think it is .
Sex is one of those things that people talk about because it's interesting, knowing what people like in bed is like knowing someone on a deeper level.
doesn't actually matter if you've slept with them , well it does, but for arguments sake at the moment simply knowing certain facts about them reveals more than we could imagine.
it's the funniest thing.
so positions.
i have a distant friend, strictly friend, who well, he likes sex and sometimes seems like a complete asshole.
they're all like that though aren't they.
and well i figured that a guy like that would like the standard doggie style , but surprise he doesn't .
he likes missionary...
i found it weird just cause certain positions say alot about you and well that position just didn't reinforce what i already knew about him.
this is slightly all based on my opinion so i don't care too much what you have to say . thanks

Doggie style : all about gettin it done, basic not too creative, more primal -a plain guy.
Missionary: more innocent , or not as adventurous or energetic.
Cowgirl: cowgirl is a tricky one. it has to do with the appreciation of a woman and being dominated. slightly a lazy man's position and definitely more into the rack than the ass.
Reverse Cowgirl: definitely an "assman" however this position seems to be preferred by guys who are usually (not always) slightly jerks.
Standing sex: a controlling man who likes to be rough in bed.

Although there are a million different positions those are the foundation of all the others.
hmm tomorrows topic will be something most girls don't talk about.
the big M word.

Before you go disagreeing with everything i've said i feel as though i should mention i did used sources, no need for a bibliography because they would like to remain anonymous but it's not like i'm just pulling this shit out of nowhere.

S.O Fashion

SEX must wait

Alright .
well certain things are too beautiful not too share.
the secret contents of my untitled folder. 
all of them are yet too come.

mustache pour vous
Ukrainians are the best looking people in the world.

S.O Fashion

p.s: i wish you loved me, but you're too cruel.