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Terry Richardson.
Born in 1965 , Richardson is a noted American photographer.
He was born in NewYorkCity and was raised in Hollywood, California.
His photography is Raw Sexual and gives off an Amateur feel however it is anything but amateur.
he has a way of digging to the deepest essence of the subject and bringing it through in his shots.
However although he is an amazing Photographer he is considered a sort of Predator

He's shot for
Hugo Boss
Anna Molinari
Baby Phat
Harpers Bazaar

Instances include
"an anonymous model alleged that "he had me go down on him and took pictures of him coming on my face, which I had never done before, and when I went to the bathroom to clean up I could hear him and an assistant joking about it which is when I decided to never tell anyone."

"A stylist allegedly quit "because of having to watch him sexually harassing/abusing two (naked) teenage Eastern European models who didn't speak English"

"model Jamie Peck, who posed for Richardson at 19, said that while she was prepared to be photographed nude, she wasn't expecting Richardson to get naked with her. She alleges that he also interrupted their shoot to 'strongly suggest' she touch him sexually."

Aldo Hot.

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