alright so something happened to me two nights ago that really made me think.

A wise man once said to me while i was dressed up in costume and wearing red lipstick, "not enough girls wear lipstick for the hell of it" .... it was something along those lines. and well i couldn't agree more with what he said .

it's true, you know back when  my mom was a teenager lipstick was a common thing everyone wore it. However now a days it's all about lip-stains or lip gloss or maybe just Chapstick, i think it's time our generation spiced things up and started wearing it.

I personally will start wearing it more often to see if we can get this movement going, my two favourite colours i own are a dark purple and a "fire-engine" red- Both Lancome : )

And if you don't know what type of colours suit you best follow this guide i am posting and you'll have no trouble at all , Happy Lipstick swiping !
Great little Lipstick Guide

LOVE These Chanel Lipsticks.
S.O Fashion.

P.S: Dear world thank you for having IJB say what he did.

I can Say No

So since i've come to school i have dressed up twice. The first time was for an office hoe and Ceos party for which i wore a white shirt, glasses, pencil skirt, black thigh highs and oxfords. 
last night was the second time i dressed up. i dressed up as a Russian spy and wore a traditional eastern european embroidered blouse, fur vest pencil skirt, fur hat, black thigh highs and booties.
have you spotted any similarities ?
Black Thigh High socks.
I'm convinced they're coming back. 
a skirt with bare legs and oxfords - hot .
a skirt with thigh highs and oxfords- sexy.
it doesn't really seem like there'd be a huge difference but there is.
unsure why but it might be because people think that they should be held up by garters i don't know. however i am concluding that thigh highs are the new bare leg. so go to american apparel and pick up a pair not only will they keep your legs warm but they'll also make you look hot.

BH Cosmetics

i just added AdSense to my Blog cause my friends dad is affiliated with google and said its a good idea and well this little video link popped up where the Ads are supposed to go and well I checked out the Ad and its really GOOD. Check it out.

i can give you what you thought you needed.

So i haven't blogged in 29 Days and ironically the last day i blogged was the 29th.
bloggin is sort of overrated you know. i mean all these little fashionistas running around with their heads cut off looking for the next big thing to type about so that maybe one day vogue will read their ingenious words and BOOM dream job.
but anyone whose in fashion knows its anything but that.
Blurry thought sorry.

Well i am currently going to fashion school and it's good really good. i am learning a shit ton however there's those days when everything seems so repetitive and my head feels like its going to POP off .
some nights i stay up so late, the latest thus far has been til 6 the next morning, i still suck at drawing but my mind has opened up a new canal for free though so thats kind of cool and well quite beneficial cause well i kind of need that if i am to be a fashion guru. (note: i did not say designer, dear people just because you're in fashion doesn't mean you want to be a designer ... thought i should clear that up.)
i want to be an artist, everything here seems so safe and theres days when all these weird creative [slightly explosive] thoughts pop into my head and i wish i could create them but i cant :( cause i'm poor and not smart enough yet ... tragic? -quite.
it's weird you never really realize how difficult creating new ideas is. looking at something and interpreting it a new way has been my recent challenge i'm completely stuck in a rut, fabric helps but i guess all i can hope that things progress positively :)

Bon soir fashion Monsters.

The Madness can be seen above. Ugly ... Very