Spread out like jam


so most recently i've been really born all the time right.


so most recently i have turned into one of those people who look for anything to keep themselves occupied.
i've decided to start learning spanish, then italian.
and i most recently am drawing a teeny bit more.
i've started a project which i'm calling "the end"
i have this problem which goes a little something like this: i can start a drawing but than mid idea i decided i hate it and throw it out. so recently i've decided that i can't keep doing that.
so i biked my butt to staples, stocked up on supplies.
and i am now committed to finishing any drawing that i start.

so far so good, also going to start switching up the mediums i'm using.

secondly i am looking into yoga.
like some serious strength training. and stretching.
needless to say i'm trying to spread myself quite thin.
just trying to get my hand in a few cookie jars.
looking forward to trying new things.
we'll see how all this goes.
however due to my lack of motivation (as per usual) i'm using inspirational images to keep me going.
its rough stuff .

check er'

S.O Fashion

shemamigans chanel.

alright so as i promised i am doing a review of Chanel resort 2012 because it is a mess.
a dirty mess.
no offense karl.

going to school for fashion i understand a tiny thing or two.
not stating i know more than i do.
but like honestly what was he thinking.

parts of the collection scream Stepford Wives, with bad shoes.
others scream menswear gone mysteriously awful.
than the rest reminds me of The Little Vampire gone haute couture.


not sure what happened with this one. terribly disappointed.
the models didn't even look ALIKE.
makeup accessories etc.
if you are going t throw a runway show together with approx. 74 looks make sure you take the extra minute.
if you're in fashion you understand the incredible artistry that karl runs his world with.
therefore it comes as a complete shock to see him fail with such magnitude.
 anyways use that ELLE.com tool i told you folks about ages ago to check the  rest of the collection out.

S.O Fashion 

sigh sigh sigh sigh

lovin some locks

Soooo. in my spare time i do , well i have spare time.

i like to look thing up.
i like to discover new things, whether this includes media etc. i just like to find new shit.

recently i discovered a funny show called suburgatory.
on suburgatory i also discovered a guy named thomas mcdonell.
however he does not look like a thomas.

he looks like a babe with long hair .

this is me admitting to loving boys with long hair.

what a babe. 
ps check out suburgatory. short and sweet. 

Open Anew

Woah my life is totally weird right now. 
i have sporadic bursts of creativity and then they die. 
i need to train myself to be creative, easier said than done. 
however i'm finding that i'm having an easier time finding inspiration.
i'm looking at things in a different way.
just not doing anything with them. 

i've been planning my life a wee bit. 
figuring out what i want to do when schools over.
fiji. australia. bali. india.

looking at things from new eyes.
open your eyes, and SEE your life. understand it.

S.O Fashion