Mmmm ya.

So lately i just have no urge to blog. weird eh.
But i saw a Amazing movie the other night.
Completely Rad.
Black Swan kind of a mind fuck but hey it was worth it. but you see some pretty weird stuff in it.
it take a little bit of thinking.
once it finishes though it's definitely worth it but that's only if you ask me.

Movie cover

Pre Performance

Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman pre-rave scene

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Boxing Day Madness

Alright so i'm not big on posting during the holidays simply because i'm keen on spending time with my baba & the rest of my family but today was boxing day.

i heard that the mall was complete madness.
what is really the point of going shopping on Boxing day?
the sales last all week but the bored greedy little girls and boys rush into the malls with their wallets full of christmas cash when really they don't need anything.
it's a very silly thing you see.
You get so much for christmas and then you insist on more more more.
it's quite awful, we're just consumers stuffing our homes with more and more until finally we're left with closets full of seldomly worn clothes, makeup thats been used once and should probably thrown out because it's past its "healthy life".
books that need reading
and shoes that need wearing.
people that push and shove in bright stores
not even bothering to hold open a door.

so silly.

Have a happy boxing day and try and realize that you don't need everything

Love - S.O Fashion

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone i just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday if you don't celebrate christmas !

so here are a few pictures i found the other night on a picture finding spree . 
hahah .
smile bitches.

S.O Fashion
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Peut-etre un peu de Prorsummm?

Alright so i was being the crazy fashion kid i am and was looking through the vogue website because i love finding pictures.
but only ones that are simply divine.

So i came across a great collection that i hope you'll enjoy as much i will.
This is Burberry Prorsum's Pre-fall Collection 2011
i really like it.

What i like the best about burberry is that their colours are always very subdued and rich. it sounds bizarre but you think of a high class indie woman. the clothes they make are practical and easily wearable.well maybe not all of them but they are clothes that you would find an event to wear them.
i don't know how else to explain the clothes other than they are Dressy and Posh.

Best chosen word to describe them : Posh.

Ugh how i'm frustrated...

So today i read a magazine. it was a very short one.
but i feel accomplished.
i'm also up rather late tonight because i didn't leave work until 12:25.
yes i am an amazing worker.
and then i wanted to take a soakingly beautiful bath but unfortunately everyone is sleeping and i dont want to wake them.
so i'll wake up nice and early tomorrow to a long luxurious bath ahah . i'm quite pleased.
so i'm blogging because i figured there are the occasional night owls such as myself who may be slightly bored and visually hungry so i thought i'd post some cool pictures.

Because today i found out she has a sex tape.

I don't really know it jut seemed interesting

Beauty when she was young... mainly.

Scene of a party crime

Betty white's inner animal.

Sincerest Apologies, Stay posted

Alright so i've been the biggest failure lately , i'm serious.
i just haven't done anything that i've wanted to.
i'm even convinced i eat foods that i don really want to eat but i just eat them cause they're there.
an awful thing to realize one is doing.
i haven't even read any of the magazines i've wanted to read .. pure bummer.
i always want to read in the bath because it's quiet and peaceful but i always make the water to hot to be able to stay in long enough . weird.
and then on top of that i just like to sleep in  muahah
and on top of my entire life yesterday was the worse day ever. ugh pure crap.
i just listened to Damien rice's "Delicate" and Mumford and Sons all night and let the single tear droplets roll down my rosie cheeks.

He's a genius.
i could be blissfully teary eyed listening to him forever
i love him always.

anyways i wanted to share with my readers the tremors of my worlds known as my bed.
no not tremors due to sex.
but tremors because of the large chaotic mess that shakes me.
other than my emotional masochism that allows me to never move forward.
This is my room.
featured are all the magazines that remain unread.
thrown in are so lovely free product that i received from the kindness of the world.
Gucci Envy Perfume. its greatly a winter musk.
Clarins body products
Kibio, Vichy LancomeRoc, Cliniderm etc.

i'm convinced that if i consume myself  with my feelings of adoration for the fashion industry my problems will go away. 
it might work right ?
i also just want to be as great as i know i can be , but i'm having such an internal struggle with this one. 
i feel that every time i encounter a problem and surpass it i run into something new. 
it's extremely strenuous
none the less tonight i will be attempting to move forward. we'll see how that goes.
i'm going to read magazines and look up important fashion figures and attempt to be productive.
no slow-poke shit.

i'm also pure grunge tonight it's a cute look if you ask me ahah
Sorry for the cleavage.

will blog immediately after with new topic.

S.o Fashion

Alexander McQueen a proper successor has been chosen

People Know about McQueens Tragic Story and people should also know about the great thing that evolved from his name and unfortunate ending.
Sarah Burton. Designer . Enough said.
Sarah Burton .
Creative genius.
Adding her to the list of my Fashion moms

The up and coming pain of my game

            So I am now home for Christmas Break.
Here’s the thing right. 
Because there are no teachers riding my ass I literally have no motivation ahahahah.
All I want to do is sleep, and take long baths and sit in front of my fireplace.
And I still have these really bad headaches from everything and anything. It’s the worlds biggest shame.
I’m convinced that im more sick than everyone thinks.
I thought this was funny because it’s never happened to me but maybe it’s a sign.
Ok so :

I woke up because I was having a bad dream and then I woke up and was dozing in and out until finally my alarm went off.
So I sat up and swung my upper body around and naturally my legs followed but then I stepped out of bed and my legs didn’t work.
Yea work. I know. I fell. Crashed and burned in my “Oh Lala” pajamas . Real cute if I do say so myself.
So naturally I was a little fucking surprised. So I went to get up and tragically once again they did not work. I kind of just sat there for a minute and then finally pulled myself up by my desk. I then successfully extinguished the horror blackberry alarm noise.

Yes it’s crazy.
So now that I have fully explained my crazy feelings of unworthiness to do anything but lie here I'm going to go read a magazine or two , take some fucking notes on what I love.

 And then after that I’m going to shower and then do some yoga and become a Buddha whilst drinking tea and burning inscents. (Sorry dad)
So I’d like to toast to a brilliant night of my plan.

Sweet Dreams little fuckers

S.O Fashion