Overdone Underdone

Alright so R-Patts aka Robbert Pattinson is completely overdone. 

Yea Twilight is Great and we love the books and the movies and all the boys are fucking smoking hot
Robert Pattinson has become a Fame Whore not on purpose but he has and its sad cause he never wanted it that way but it happened.
Rihanna has completely disappeared we want more Rihanna. 
oh and Victoria Beckham we want more of her. 
Jewellery line for her perhaps? we'd buy it.

Victoria wants to try dating women.

Okay so this is completely overdue
 so sorry.

step one choose topic : T.V Show
step two choose show: Downtown Girls
step three choose view: currently unsure.

so i have been watching Downtown girls and i've seen a few episodes and its pretty okay.
My favourite character is Victoria the funny brunette who does what she wants.
the reason why i currently remain unsure of the show is because it seems like a cheap mock up of Sex & the City... which lets get real can never be recreated.
but nevertheless its decent.
however the main character needs a makeover.. dont remember her name ut she needs an injection of femininity and a splash of makeup remover. she's pretty she just over does it.. and grow out the bangs.


Call of Duty

Okay so with all the Alejandro video Controversy going on I feel a slight need to express my opinion. i'll make it quick cause i feel like we'll be hearing alot about this.

"i like it. people have the right to express themselves however they want. in my opinion it's an art form and although she may have offended a great deal of people art is made to stir questions, just as the video did. i love Lady Gaga and i think she's gorgeoussss"- Student of Fashion

I have awful memory.

So being the person I am I often go online and look through shit.
i Find cool people with interesting stories
or i find artwork that nobody has ever seen before. it all depends
but lately all of these things i have been finding have been over taking my stickynotes.
there is information everywhere and i don't know what to do with it.

"i pour kerosene on me and everyone i love and watch me burn." - quote.

"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him."

❧Elmer Olsen & Eric Daman & Caroline Rottifeld & Marianne Faithfull & Miou Miou & Faye Dunaway & Mia Farrow & Sharon Tate & Helena Ignez & Francoise Dorleac & Anita Pallenberg & Susan Murray.

Talk sex with Sue Johanson... oh Late night TV

i've been working on that list of things i want to talk about and well it's getting longer and well since lately i haven't been able to stay away form my laptop i fully plan on blogging about each of those topics.
Obuoy blogging has become an addiction !

Intervention ? Intervene ?
Tear me away ?

i don't think so : )

Note to self : Fragrance and Beauty product Posts.
i know to much about to much  muahah

Sorry mama. sorry papa. i am not going to university.

I have wanted this stupid teeeeshirt from Urban outfitters for hmm like 4 or 5 months ☞Minimum.
Well i was Downtown and Myself and some friend went into Urban Outfitters And i asked where this shirt may be and well the stupid girl said they didn't have it and i thought i was going to cryy bt i didnt. i found another teeshirt [it's very cool if i may add] and then i found the t-shirt i wanted i was soo happy and due to the fact that i had crazy adrenaline pumping through me i bought both of them. 
cost me 77.67$ 
a little bit ridiculous but i don't care its sex on a fucking stick . i love it .
☟☟☟there it is☟☟☟ 

Just to show you cause i'm sure nobody believes me ...
but the stupid shirt has been in my urban Outfitters Check out account for those 5 painful months.

I'm an addict.... but don't tell- it's a secret.

So there's this beautiful site called post secret.. 
its wonderful
people send in their secrets on postcards and he puts books together
if you ever need to buy me a gift buy me this book. 
i might end up buying it for myself because it's incredible.
its amazing outstanding.!!

Once upon a time i was watching TV or reading a book or something and i cam across the quote :
"if we knew each others secrets what comfort we would find"
this book does exactly that it lets us know we aren't alone in this huge fucking world and that in fact we are all freaks- in one way or another.

Go post your secrets bitches.

Virginnnnnnnn -ia

ok well where to begin

well first of all i am very sorry if this seems rushed because indeed it is. i have approx 5 min to do this post while i eat my lunch.

so today i was thinking [as most days i do] and well one of the most important things in fashion[my opinion of course] is fabric and embellishments.
clothing wise not outfit wise.
i think that a great piece of clothing really only is great because of the fabric.
think about it : a t-shirt is cut in silk and it is cut in some old cotton, which is nicer? 
the fabric is what sells you. its what attracts you. to me fabric is the selling point if i don't like the fabric i don't like the article of clothing its just that simple.
       i personally think that this relates directly with what i am writing : do you ever notice that moms always touch clothing in such a way that both layers are rubbing between their fingers or that before a woman leaves a store she always feels the need to touch as she leaves. 
its fabric its what draws us in. and i personally -as of right now- think that it is one of if not the most important element of a garment.

Check mate  ♛    ☚rawr☛    ♕

"ur a weirdo i think thats why i want u"

i think i'm going to boycott makeup. i have been wearing it forever and well it's annoying having to apply it.
i love it and i love the idea of art and creation, but lately its gotten generic.
i'm only boycotting makeup that i normally wear. 
i know that sounds weird but i'm boycotting my typical long lash-mascara and bronzer.
i'm just going to try and be more creative. 
so what else?

"fashion isn't about looking back it's about always looking forward" -AW