Be a the boss you are.

 So last night i wrote an article for the school newspaper.
funny how i write encouraging things for people but i can never take my won advice. woops.
so i think it's about time i start right.
i've decided my fashion choices maybe require more ingenuity.,
lately i've been all charcoal bone and black. maybe it's a bout time i try something else.
just maybe

maybe i'll be a sex kitten.
maybe i'll be a mysterious movie star

maybe i'll be a wife beating dumbfuck.

maybe i'll be myself on a larger scale of risky

All to be felt up and felt out. 

S.O Fashion

Coasting, Floating For Tomorrow and the Day After

so i'm just sort of in a state of float right now, just going with it not really worrying about much right now.
everything of these pictures reminds me of how i'm feeling right now, peaceful calm, at ease with myself,  shit is strangely out of place and i think thats ok.

dripping through life.

i wanna watch night skies like this with you

Being herself and accepting she's different

i sort of think maybe i'm learning more about myself, i'm also realizing this through my fashion choices, i think i'm riskier when i feel better and strangely enough i take notice.
when i look weird i feel better aha
i think i worry to much about things and i'm jut gunna stop and see what happens.

S.O Fashion

30 in a row yes yes yes MORE MORE MORE!

wow 30 followers.
i know that's not alot and it's totally lame but gosh am i happy : )
i hope that all 30 of you are following me on facebook!

FaceBook PAGE

today was awesome i tried an Oyster, they taste so sexy. i LOVE them. i want more.

Dear boys, if you want to impress me get me oysters, wine, and tuna tartar.
and i will be yours.
and maybe caviar, ye expensive taste get over it ahahahahah.

i also bought great pants today 
2 pairs of PARASUCO's 
1 pair of buffalo's that don't fit.
i'm determined to get skinnier. 2 inches hips. 
Gunna giver'

S.O Fashion

sorry that i suck.

so, i hate being in school because i wish that i could devote more time to this blog. i wish that i could tell you about the great things i cook.
i wish i could do so much more with this. it sucks being this busy.
i want you to know that i've been trying new makeup trends.

i want you too know that i appreciate you reading it and subscribing to it.

alright well i'll tell you what is currently going on in my head.
i am going home this weekend for Winterlicious.
i'm thinking i want Seafood and oysters, or i want Brazilian.
something new and fresh.
i want you to remember to wash your makeup brushes.
i don't want you to get sick. 
saw a guy with a tongue ring the other day. never new men could wear piercings.

second thing. i'm hopefully going to a Dance battle on saturday night which i am SUPER excited about !
never been to one what do i wear . main question of the night ahah.

no not this kind of dance.
i also cooked a delicious Quinoa salad the other day. keeping it healthy. 
i'm also trying to drink more water . heard it's good for you.

my bods going to be this hottt.

and lastly i am so excited to see my family this weekend. and to not work and too simply get to enjoy their company.
gosh i miss them.

S.O Fashion
Hope you guys have enjoyed this weekend 

snookin for beauty

 Something new and beautiful

something that should happen more often.
makeup is for special occasions. 

so recently Snooki's pal Sammy sweetheart got a makeunder. 
removing the majority of the makeup from her face.
Snooki also did the same.
minus the fact that she's holding a knife and standing near a crappy plant, she look great. 
she should really NOT wear makeup more often. 

S.O Fashion

Momentum motherfuckers.

So i'm a bad bitch ahah.
the momentum of the semester has started and i'm so excited.
it's funny because i'm listening to Ace Hood right now and this song just makes me want to conquer the world.
so as i type about feeling like a killer student this song is pumping me up ahah.
today was a quiet day but enough about that shit, fuck eh.

i've been thinking alot about what i want from my life, fashion wise etc.
i wanna be successful, helping people within fashion.
i want to be like kelly cutrone.
finding pure peace within a chaotic life, filled with worldly knowledge .
she's insightful, thoughtful and extremely reflective, but she's also a fucking power house. she kills it every time.

and most importantly she's learned from her mistakes, something i find extremely admirable.

i like putting things together and i love designing, to be honest i love fixing what i think people do wrong.

monday sucks , usually. but it's an opportunity to start things off right, every week.

business to bad.

cool shoes. 

goth bitch gone glam

love this shirt way more than normal sheer shirts.

i wish you succeeded more so i wouldn't feel like such a dumb bitches for liking you.
S.O Fashion

Series of images for your brain too contain

Photoshhit and mad ski slopes.

so i'm currently at school.
doing "work"
slightly bored, not in the mood for school.
the momentum of this year has been crap. i need to get going but i don't want too .
ugh . oh what to do.
i'm scared for next year. and this year. 
i think i need to grab life by the balls. 
and everything.
i'm coasting through life and feel as though i should really do something about something right now.
i need a little more handle on things.
i've been working out at a normal rate. except i'm going to kick it up a notch on my cardio.
i was rocking a snowboarder look today, so comfy. Neff tshirt. Dakine Toque. Roots knapsack. Lulu Lemon Sweatshirt.
kicking-back Cabin Style.


So here i stay and here i lay. figuring out one thing at a time.
one day at a time
one hour at a time. 
one EVENT at a time.
This is Key.

S.O Fashion
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glamour hole you bad dirty betch.

so today my friend Laur. msgs me .

she made me wanna hang out with her.
since she's also the biggest hippie in in the fuckin book, she makes me feel like putting on some cut off shorts, a cropped top, grab a joint lollipop and a beer.

i wanna go listen to CCR in a field and live like a carefree motherfucker.

it would look alot like this.

WELCOME to OUR Crazy Lives.

a must.
glitter goes on everything when you're a 90's kid.

hate you but love this picture

so bad.


except i'm a blonde.

Care too join us ?
S.O Fashion

you taste like peaaches.




so i feel like crap today, i'm getting sick again. not fun not pleased.
i also didn't eat until like 6 for the first time today and then i ate So much food. ugh so dead now .

im gunna slip into some harem pants and a big sweater and draw watch movies and make polyvores.

gotta get the juices flowing ahah.

S.O Fashion

a day of GIF's happy hunting fuckers.

mellow as dandelion

so today i am feeling extremely mellow.
not tired , well maybe a little.
not sad, well maybe a little.
not upset, well maybe a little.
not disappointed,well maybe a little.
not lonely, well maybe a little.
not bored, well maybe a little.

i'm just in a peculiar mood.
however yesterday there was a homeless lady going through our recycling, picking out empties.
i decided to give her ten dollars. she hugged me. it was nice. we shared a moment.

anyways i thought i'd just find some pictures that i liked today and share them with you, colours,shapes textures, etc.

S.O Fashion

because i like to cuddle

flying like a rubber.

Flurrry of photos that i enjoy, more than just a shot.
tons of photographers and none of you know anything, as seen below someone figures something out. 

action shots adding interest, good.

whoever this is he should shoot for Urban Outfitters. 
styling like this would look amazing with the new Alexander McQ 50's collection for men.
people like clean lines, i find that blurring an image makes it look more scrumptious.

S.O Fashion