why is it this cold.

you may say that i'm a dreamer. 
and i am. it's true.
one of my biggest dreams has been too be a dancer.

i know corny right. 
they say too follow your dreams. so i say it's about time i do. 
i think that i'm going to start taking some dancing classes. 
i used to dance and i was iight. 
i tried i loved it and i felt confident. 
so i think i'm going to go back too those days. the splits bustin a move.
the whole she-bang.
gotta start somewhere right.

so i think i'm going to start with some beginner classes.
we'll see how this goes.

it's my new years resolution.

i'm gunna stick with it.
i'm also going to stick with my workout and eating regimen because i have a glorious little pack of abs that are sprouting ahah.
love it.
imma have talent. 
i want more

imma do dis.

imma have legs like dis


i wanna be able too dance again,none of this bullshitt.

hot totty. imma look just as fly

my swag level is through the roof ahah

S.O Fashion

get ready bitches.

everything and more more MORE

i feel greedy.

i love so many things. i want so many things. so i gave into a little bit of greed.

i needed a new perfume because i don't smell like who i am.
so i bought a new perfume. its delicious.

Coach Signature $75
Clarins Gel Self Tanner $35
Coach Ring $78
yet to determined
we'll see how it performs.
i need a tan.


so nice. light.professional.feminine.but not girly.

so this is what i have to report thus far.

S.O Fashion
p.s : my birthday was good.

this is a problem.

so there's this problem which is appearing in my life. it has to do with love.
doesn't it always have to do with love.

the problem i have encountered is the fact that i constantly find that i have an angst towards the world. i can never figure out why but it's there.
i find that the world is not how it used to be nobody has compassion for one another. everything is always about ourselves.

i'm doing this thing where i try and make people feel better about themselves because i think that nobody's reminded enough.
unfortunately there's alot about people  that i don't like but therefore my comments are sincere because they're well thought out.

i love when people care. care about eachother. care about the world. care about something positive.
i care about fashion.
i think it's a great way too make us feel better. i like fashion because it helps me feel unique. i feel confident.and i think when used properly it can make people feel incredible.
i love this woman's body, she's toned and muscular. she's not skin and bones
she's beautiful.her hair is nice, the scene is well thought out.

i love YSL, i love that she is this chic without overdoing it.
i love that she looks powerful. 
i love that she's wearing a TURTLENECK and is still sexier than all of us.

i love that this is so true. 
i hate mediocre minds, i hate when they attack you.
i'm sorry that you aren't as smart as me.
i'm sorry that you trick people into liking you.
sucks eh..... shit.

i hate that i can't do everything i'd ever want to do in life.
i hate that i could never tell you i loved you.
i hate that i never punched you.
i hate that i never tried harder.
i hate that you're so nice even when i don't deserve it. 
i love that you're mine.

i love this. 
you are adorable. 
i love that this made you smile. i love that this provoked thought.

i love all of these.sheer and black.
give me MORE.

S.O Fashion

i hate that i can't change everything.
i hate that i can't help everyone.
i love that i can try.
i hope you will too.

I want it all baby, give it too me give it too mee

oh baby.
So i dyed my hair darker
and i hate it. i'm a natural blonde and well i should be.

i thought blonde made me look too ditzy but i think i look sweet & sexy.
and i want that back. so viewed below are hair styles and colours i like.
i absolutely look best as a blonde, it brightens my complexion and makes green eyes stand out. not too mention my roots wont be black. yay

movie i need to see. i absolutely adore this woman.
the metaphor and the reality.
class and beauty at its finest. 
she's absolutely flawless, drives me too jealousy.

my hair from prom.
inspired by Lauren Conrad, the stylist did an incredible job.

My Natural Hair Colour. 
Crazy i Know. 
purple lipstick. 
Rawr Meow. 
whatever fuckin animal you want.
primal instinct is a bitch.

S.O Fashion

i fins myself alone.

so today is a saturday slash sunday.
my stomach hurts, i can't sleep because i don't feel like it.
i want things too chage. i want fun. i want life. i want you.
those nights where you find yourself breathing thoughtfully with half open eyes. with thoughts hidden behind cares.
i don't think because i don't care.
i don't care because i don't think.

i was happier then. dancing on tables,bars, not giving a fuck, that's how it should be: not giving a fuck.

dear angelina jolie , you're the hottest when you're crazy.
you're pretty when you're normal.

one crazy bitch

i should probably move here.

i should probably find you , belive in you ?

it's almost christmas time and i can't wait too go home and be done this semester 1 more week. 
i'll be home the night of the 18th. 
see you later kiddies.

S.O Fashion

oh jolly motherfuckers.

so christmas is coming up. yes i say christmas . i celebrate christmas.

not too mention shopping for others is so fucking difficult. luckily none of my family reads this.

i am going to get my dad some great new sweaters from H&M. who knew they had such an AMAZING sweater section for men  ! Honestly , love it way too much.

my mom is in desperate need of some makeup organization so maybe a new cosmetic bags. she also needs new jeans so definitely getting her a gift card too somewhere good.

my brother though is a little tougher too shop for. he likes bizarre stuff so i may have too goo on a limb and buy him something quirky and unexpected

grandma wants a wallet. and she also could use some hipper grandma clothes so we'll see what we find for her.

as of right now though thats the idea.

i'm still unsure of what to buy for the friends.
hmm .. you're so tricky.

S.O Fashion

Happy Holidays Motherfuckers.