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S.O Fashion

c'est L'Halloween, bor bore bored

ok so being in school my life has become rather dull.
i am not yet old enough to legally drink my face off and it is exceedingly annoying.
i would like to be as free as a bird but life has decided to with hold this privilege form me until December 17.
so since my life is so boring i've decided to do things that will up the fun-o-meter in my life.
or at least fill up the occupation tank until i graduate.
i havent yet figured out what those will be , but they should be highly productive and moderately dangerous. i want to do fun crazy shit .
i havent yet decided what all these great things are going to be but hopefully all works out ?

j'adore ca, les couleurs, les citrouilles,l'attitude, c'est charmant- sincère.

if you have any ideas as too what i should do let me know.
all activities should take place in London, ON or the GTA.
and by GTA i mean more specifically toronto.
try not too make them too expensive.

my first step that i am taking is becoming a vegetarian, soon afterwards i am going to attempt veganism, heard that shits hard, we'll see how it goes.


S.O Fashion 

exponentially outrageous.

my excitement for halloween has just increased like crazyy!!
 all of these pictures just make me want Halloween NOW!

Criminal minds.. just sayin
so great,


i want pumpkin seeds.
love this room.
nom nom nom

S.O Fashion

Trick my treat.

So it is almost Halloween!
in all Honesty halloween is one of my favourite "holidays"
i love getting dressed up but then again who doesn't, helps that i'm in school for Fashion Design this way i can make my costume, and sometimes other peoples costumes as well.

well this year for Halloween i am being Christina Aguilera from Burlesque!

there is going to be a whole lot of nothing.

these are the pictures that i have been pulling inspiration from most recently.

these are taken form the song express from the movie. 
unfortunately there are no pictures of the actual costume online.
therefore i have slightly improvised. 
it should be good and i fully intend to post pictures of it all when it's over.

however i have a guy friend who needs a costume , and ideas ?

S.O Fashion

No time for posting.

Wow lots is yet to be written on here.
i've been upto something and i want to share it with you.
but in the mean time here is something to keep you occupied.

next tattoo featured above.

S.O Fashion

You got what you need.

So recently my friend needed a friend i was there for her.
needless to say she needed someone too help her smile.
who doesn't like smiling. so i thought you could use a smile too .

enjoy these funny pictures to help you through your tuesday.

S.O Fashion

How chrissy got her groove back.

well. November is almost here and you know what that means !
it means it's almost lipstick month, or wacky makeup month.
i do a makeup trend everyday that i normal dont try.

should be fun seeing what i come up with. if you have any ideas e-mail me or drop a comment !

however i have some cool news, i am supposed to be working two fashion shows this week!
J.Lindeberg and FCUK in Toronto.
bought my sick outfit that i will be rocking if I get confirmed.
however if i dont' i still have a beyond sexy outfit woohoo!

anyways will keep you posted.
 however for right now i feel as though you could use a little something.
some snap shots of things that caught my interest years ago.

someone told me that i remind them of effie. not sure how.
but now this is posted.
in your face.

ahaha why do i feel as though this is such a common thing now a days.
ass hole takes girls virginity cause girl thought she loved asshole. 
then found out asshole was HUGE asshole.


i love unitards. body suits make me happy.

skinny legs are for twigs of trees not the legs of women. 
voluptuous is sexy.
don't lie to yourself.

yet to be in my closet.
this is all.

Mmm. i mixed two teas together and they're delicious.

S.O Fashion

sleep tight you little fashion fuckers 
mommy loves you aha.

SO spunnnn

So today i am mega bored. people are spun and i am now getting drunk.
some people may consider this a problem because its only 4:30
but those people are what i like to call WRONG.

i am completing homework and dancing around because it's fun.
however this little baby post is not too tell you how i am having a fucking blast. it is too tell you that i have discovered something great.

truth be told it takes me 4 minutes to do my makeup in the morning.
1. mascara
3.face shit
4. lip stain.

however recently i have added a new member to the family.

i never really wore it before because i thought it was for old ladies. but recently i dyed my hair and it looked so awful and washed me out that i needed something more.
so i threw some on my face and it looked good.
it makes you look warm and alive.
its a great finishing touch.

the two blushes that i have been wearing are:
Makeup Forever Sculpting Blush #10

this blush is very strong. definitely be careful how you apply. don't put too much and smile when you put it on the apples of your cheeks- good technique. and also don't do those awkward blush lines they just look stupid k cool.
love this blush. it comes with a highlighter which allows you to bring some light too your face.
its also great because it doesn't require such precision when you are applying it. you can simply throw it onto your cheeks if your in a rush. 
it's definitely a blush for dummies type of product.

these are my two suggestions, try it if you'd like if not have fun having a bland face ahah.

you know you should be asleep.

S.O Fashion

ps: be as free as a bird.

Throwing a post together

So i have been unusually awful at keeping up with my blog, i know right shame on me.
it's cause i got overwhelmed with seeing everyone !
however i am back and going to be blogging more often than : )
so what i need YOU to do is to tell your friends. 
i want to get my followers up and my facebook likes up.

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so recently someone told me too put together a bunch of pictures to express what i thought about myself. 
these are the pictures i chose. didn't use them all but the ones i still chose them.
bag girls wear boots.

getting this tatooed on myself.

sexy liars wear masks

smart girls wear heels.

Bad girls wear studs

i chose all these pictures because theres a huge contrast between all of them. 
one thing i always tell my roomies is that i look so blonde.
i have naturally super fucking platinum hair and i like pink or red lips. 
so my problem is that it either makes me look like a hooker or a barbie 
so i like to dress a little edgier because it looks badass and cause black and tight is hot. 
barbie is not in, she is imaginary, so all you blondes stop creating this stereotype that the rest of us are trying to fight back from its annoying.

do i act like one- no.
do i talk like one- no.
i can dress like one-yes.
can i punch you in the face for treating me like one- fuck yes.

S.O Fashion