Cold razors

so today my boss got me a journal as a thank you gift.
its pink and floral patterned and cute.
i hardly write with  writing instrument anymore usually it's just my blog.
well i'm curious and debating what to write in my new journal, i feel as though it should be a compilation of dreams feelings thoughts and aspirations.
i think it should have to do with what co-op is teaching me. it should be afashion related and remind me of what i want in life.
it'll be a book of ideas words, dreams, pictures etc. a book blog but better because it wont be a simple .

dear book blog blah blah blah [...]

it'll be more like a

so this wicked fuckin thing happened today [...]


S.O Fashion

surprisingly uncompassionate.

well amy winehouse died today.
not surprising. 
she did alot of drugs.
sucks cause when she wasn't strung out on coke she was pretty good.
i feel bad for her family and for those who love her, i hope the best for them.

and i hope people start to realize that drugs fuck you up.
all in moderation i suppose.

anyways lately i've just been thinking out loud and one topic that has without a doubt re appeared frequently is femininity.

nothing specific about but just the topic in general i suppose.
i've started to maybe like the colour pink a little.
and well barbie seems fun.
ballet tutus and beauty just seem like a party.
pink just makes me feel like sunshine and rainbows right now.
chanel. no words but awesome.

pink lipstick woo.

above my bed.

niki minaj ain't no princess.

hello kitty reminder

the best part is the deer.

S.O Fashion

Oh paranoia.

i feel as though i'm currently being ignored, oh super.

just some cool nail ideas

S.O Fashion

big 200 inch.

oh my goodness this is my 200th POST !

quite exciting

well today isn't going to be as exciting as maybe you had hoped it would be, sorry.

i can tell you one thing, i went shopping yesterday it was slightly lovely.

i bought 1 dress 2 tops and two botttoms.
all inexpensive and quite cute ! yay

sorry for the brutal photoshop ahaha

S.O Fashion

Needs to happen More.

Today is friday .
i have done nothing.
i woke up watched I am Number Four & fell in love with Teresa Palmer.
her native australian accent her wavy blonde hair and her glow made my heart melt ahah
well due to my recent sickness and slight laziness i lay in the sun all day.
and well i felt like a sun goddess.

sunscreen, water, iPod, towel bikini, and sweat.

after lying in the sun for an hour i got slightly too hot and came inside and looked in the mirror , i had the nicest sun glow, no makeup hair in a dirty bun and well i felt really pretty. sounds weird right

sweaty, hair in a bun, no makeup.

that last part is something i think too many girls find themselves unable to deal with- no makeup.

well it felt great.
the only thing i think any of us truly need this summer is bronzer sunscreen, lip chap and Catwalk Frisky Scrunching Gel.

i have fallen back in love with this stuff, it's so good it gives your hair a tousled and messy look without over gelling your hair.
too be honest i never really don't wear makeup, whether it's concealer or mascara i just cant help it but i think for summer i'm gunna stop cause it's just a needless layer for my skin, clogs my pores ,melts and makes me spend my money.

 nobody ever sees me without makeup .
i dont look that much different but i feel different. exposed.

here's me sans makeup.

S.O Fashion

i promise to like myself better without makeup.

Pant suits are an orgasm.

okay so i feel the need to fucking do something fun rather than just live in this uncreative shit town so i'm spicing things up.

who ever said dress up as for kids is an IDIOT.
also who ever said vertical stripes are flattering was right ahah.

Pant suits, Dress up and creativity are making a comeback.
and drugs never left.

embrace it.

S.O Fashion

p.s its all about Imagination, Creativity, Drugs, Adventure, & Fantasy.

Photos for utensils.

my friend loves to draw.

she loves to draw models.

as a favour to her i found some great model shots worthy of a pencil.

not to draw a moustache but to draw a face.

S.O Fashion

Reign in the summer, and the boys

Well little fashion monsters i have good news for you.
1. yesterday i spent time with a cute boy
2. i woke up with a vampire bite
3.i didn't wear a bra all night
4. my boobs gave me a hug this morning

So yesterday i went to Joe Fresh with my mom because i wanted to buy some cute boxers and that i did.
i also bought a spaghetti strap tanktop with a built in bra.
So in sizing usually i'm a size small but i bought the tank in XS. i just was not feeling a bra yesterday so i let the girls run wild and free and they were loving it.
i FULLY recommend wearing a bra as little as possible.
my tits felt free.
and yes you can quote me on that.
also due to the fact that i have become a running machine i have been getting fit and actually seeing results and all in all i feel incredible.
got my nails done and my beach tan on.
so i feel like a fucking rockstar ahaha
Love the porcelain pattern on this tank top. super flirty for summer and if you can go braless i say "fuck yes."

currently trying to get in touch with my creative side but i find it extremely difficult . why i have no idea i'm debating cleaning the crap out of my room today and making it into a studio ... any thoughts ?

mmm Leighton Meester so gorgeous, i love that her parents are in prison , showing everyone that we aren't our parents.

getting in touch with nature lately and i wouldn't mind living in such a gorgeously sweet enchanted forest such as this one aha

and drugs because well, its a sick picture ahah

S.O Fashion

read it n' weep bitches

you keep me healthy

so ever since i came home i've hated it, my parents argue and yell at each other, the whole house is on edge.
by the whole house i mean the three of us, my brother ran away. i wouldn't mind joining him.
i don't want to live here anymore i'm so sick of having to listen to them.
why aren't they smart enough to think. : Divorce or if they feel like caring: Marriage Therapy.

i feel like a little girl trapped in tower, knowing theres a war downstairs, not belonging to either side and not really being able to do anything about it.
it's almost sickening.
it is sickening.
however whenever they argue i run, i run to leave this house and sweat it out and focus on something else.
let me put this in perspective for you.

i've gone running 5-6 times a week for 5 weeks.

this place is not home.
this fairy tale has not yet proven to have a happy ending.

S.O Fashion

p.s: i know it's weird to put my personal problems on my blog but its more of a journal than anything.

Anaemic Bitch fails at life

gah i've been so lazy lately, possibly due to my ridiculous anaemia.

anyways i used my gorgeous utorrret to upload all seasons of Gossip Girl... so beautiful.
and well it's got me thinking about a few things.

1. the clothes are ridiculously gorgeous.
why do celebrities dress so glamorous?
it's a trick they don't and neither do you, they simply do small things to tweak their wardrobe,jewellery, and accessories.
also they always have such beautiful fabrics on, so next paycheque i'm going and buying myself a silk slinky kimono, sexy .. yess.

2. The characters in movies and shows OWN themselves, they are 100 % sure of who they are because they have been given a script.
it sort of intrigues me to wonder if we are 100% who we think we are or if in real life we flip flop.
but then i think of people in history and recognize how concrete they are, ex : Chanel.
bitch was crazy.

she made the tan popular, said fuck to love had sex with men and became famous.
she smoked and drank whatever she wanted and made it cool.
she was ultimately a chic and classy rockstar of that day and age.
and well i've decided that i'm gunna follow by her example.
i'm just gunna do what i want while not being a complete fuckin idiot.

i wanna rock cool military over the shoulder slingers.

and i'm gunna be more confident.

and rock lace because it's pretty.

and i'm going to look to the past for inspiration because audrey, grace and all the others actually knew what they were doing. 
i want to encourage everyone to find someone they admire, and step outside your comfort zone so you can teach yourself how amazing you are, yes it takes time to fully embrace ourselves.