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Forever21 Uses Funhouse Mirrors To Make Customers Think They're Hotter Than They Are

It's no secret that Forever21 can be a bit of a circus—with all of the under-$20 steals, you're competing with pushing hoards also vying for bargain buys. But it seems like they're running another kind of circus too. Turns out, as Budget Fashionista found out, the cheap-clothes mega-store tactically tilts its mirrors to make you look slimmer, and installs warm, amber-hued lighting in dressing rooms that smooths skin surfaces and gives you an irresistible need-this-dress-now glow. If not for Forever21's bogus return policy (i.e. practically none&mdashthey only offer in-store credit), we wouldn't be too concerned with their foolery. But in this case, we're suggesting that this might be one time you should bring a friend along to offer a real-life opinion. Otherwise, once you leave the store, you may be pissed that you're stuck with your new dud...well, forever.

ahahah the truest article i've ever read!

Back To School : Lingerie

 Agent 050

            Alright so this thought popped into my head today.. College or University one thing comes to mind.... something we all think of ... sex.
And let's face it the worst thing is being caught in ugly underwear in the midst of a sultry steamy moment.The cure.Be Smart.When you buy lingerie buy in sets . Or Buy things that you know you'll be able to match with things you already have. What i always find easiest is Black.
Want me to say it one more time.
Never be caught in anything else.
It's the most perfect colour. Gods Gift.
Below are a few options i chose: cute, not too risque.

Nothing but the Best from Agent Provocateur.


Feel Good Mantra

Yesterday i read an entire magazine.
Usually, like everybody else, i'll skim through the magazine i'm reading, only stopping at certain pages. 
However i picked up a copy of Women's Health Magazine , the issue with Ashley Green on the cover.
Best decision I've ever made.
It's such a great read.
I learned tons of great shit that may prove to be very useful. 
Pick it up you won't regret it.
But what i'm trying to get to is this. 
Reading this magazine made me feel good. I know it sounds weird but it really is a feel good magazine.

From this magazine came this new idea... a  sort of feel good Mantra.
A mantra is :" a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation."
It's something you do to calm yourself or make yourself feel better.
That's the idea or the pain point i'm taking away form Mantra, not the repetition of word but the idea of doing something to make ourselves/yourself feel better.

Well I have begun my "Feel Good Mantra"
I'm doing small things everyday that normally i wouldn't do to make me feel better.
In a way it reminds me of the Lululemon bag.

Things like
Putting on Lotion
Wearing a new accessory
Doing Yoga
Running further than normal
Reading a book
Taking a hot bath
Trying something new
Doing something I don't like doing but knowing it's good for me


Stuff like this makes us feel good, it's weird but we might not not normally do these things and so when we do it feels like we've accomplished something . it's weird - but in a good way.
Note: i tried doing Yoga on my own and i love it ! 

This website is great for new positions 

Back To School : Shoes

Fall Winter 10' : Footwear.

As I previously posted the Fall Winter 10' Trends there are also standard popular footwear for the upcoming season. They are as follows. 

Converse - The Classic Sneaker
Simple and comfortable they're a perfect walking shoe. They're a perfect sneaker without giving you the running shoe look.  whats even better is they come in every possible colour combination. On the website they even have a tool which allows you too crete your perfect converse. There really is a shoe for everyone.

Birkenstocks - The German Wonder
The shoe known as the Jesus sandal or the Mom sandal, the shoe that is just so comfortable that you cant help yourself. Birkenstocks may not be "in-style" but it's the shoe that is never not popular. Once you buy your first pair and wear them to ruins you need a second pair. Worn with wool socks or bare footed they are gold. However , note: Never wear them with white socks its not cute.

Rubber Boots - Stylish and Practical
I have not seen anyone wear rubber boots for what seems like the longest time. They just seem like the Shoe that i want to make a comeback. I'm pulling for you Wellies. And the great thing about them is that they are so basic that you can get them in any print and any colour. whether it be Chinese Laundry Leopard print or Black C Print Coach  you can get them in the colour to suit your style and your personality.

Sorel Winter Boots - The Original
I find that winter boots are always the hardest to shop for. you always want boots that look stylish but keep your feet warm. When your young your mom always insists on the ugliest boots she can find. Well  these Sorel are great. They are comfy warm and the spitting image of snow bunny, but not the trashy kind.

Back To School : Shoes.

Winter-Fall 10' Trend Forecasting

Uggs - The Australian Surf Boot.
Uggs will still be popular however i hate Uggs.
The only way i really like Uggs is if you're climbing a mountain or if you wear them with distressed light wash-medium wash boyfriend jeans. Wear them if you must but only some people can pull them off.
Uggs Women's Classic Short $140.00 US 

Doc Martens - The Classic Boot.
As we saw last season the Leather Jacket became the "Must- Have jacket" . The leather -bad girl image was increasingly popular and everyone wanted the good girl gone bad rep. this coming season we'll see the Doc marten boot making a comeback  it'll be the cherry on top of the bad girl sundae, it'll be what finishes off the look or if worn properly sends it over the top.
Doc Martens 1460 Women's $115.00

Walking Heels- Ballroom Wonder.
For fashionista's out there who wouldn't be caught dead in anything but heels the Ballroom Heel is for you. Wearing heels destroys your feet and sure enough leaves you with blisters but hot-as-hell calves. You need a heel that you can wear everyday that can take you from day to night , look good and give you the support you need. well then this shoe is for you.
Kimchi Blue Wingtip Heel $48.00 

The Moccasin -  Friendly Fringe
A friendly alternative to the Doc marten takes a look to grungy hipster with a bohemian edge. Can be worn with flirty dresses, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans,sweat pants or leggings. The give any outfit a relaxed feel. And best is they can be worn from girlie to rocker and they won't give you blisters.
Minnetonka Moccasins: Women's Hi Top Back Zip Boot $112.00 

Note: All Noted shoe styles can be worn with socks.

*These are my predictions for Fall Winter 2010 POst-Secondary Styles.

Flyer me happy

What do i Need ?

So lately I've been thinking alot of School. No not elementary no not high school i'm talking about Post Secondary Bitchessss .
Whether it be College or University or Back to High school we're going to have needs so I will be doing a small series on everything you need, from shoes to clothes, beauty and accessories and even home furnishings.
might chose a few others to throw in later but for now those will be my areas of focus .

Keep reading for posts to come.

- S.O Fashion

Dear Boy , You are a boy?

Patrick Demarchelier 
Born near Paris in 1943 to a modest family, he spent his childhood in Le Havre with his mother and four brothers. For his seventeenth birthday, his stepfather brought him his first Eastman Kodak camera. Demarchelier learned how to develop film, retouch negatives and began shooting friends and weddings.
In 1975, he left Paris for New York to follow his girlfriend. He discovered fashion photography by working as a freelance photographer and learning and working with photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Terry King, and Jacque Guilbert. His work drew the attention of famous clientele.
He later worked for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, first in September 1992 which resulted in a 12-year collaboration. 
Demarchelier has lived in New York City since 1975. He is married to Mia and they have twins. Since the late 1970s he has shot the covers for nearly every major fashion magazine.

He is an incredible photographer that knows how to shoot the human body.... if you ask me thats his specialty 
He's Shot for

American/British & Paris Vogue

Rolling Stone






Louis Vuitton


TAG Heuer


Yves Saint Laurent


Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren


Marie Claire

20 Ans Magazine

It's amazing isn't it

Carrie Bradshaw once said: "Hello Lover".
the only thing was , she wasn't talking to a man or a woman , a child or an adult, or even a living breathing creature.
She was talking to her Shoes.
Ages and ages pass and Shoes have always had an extremely important part of fashion. 
Marilyn Monroe once said: " I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot."
Shoes are vital to how we look and who we become.
They are truly works of architecture.

I have found gorgeous and hilarious pieces of architecture that need be shared.

Dildo Shoe. 

Goats Hoof Shoe.

Leopard Shoe.

& my Favourite.....

Mirror Shoe.
(can you say Lady Gaga?)


Hard at work

Terry Richardson.
Born in 1965 , Richardson is a noted American photographer.
He was born in NewYorkCity and was raised in Hollywood, California.
His photography is Raw Sexual and gives off an Amateur feel however it is anything but amateur.
he has a way of digging to the deepest essence of the subject and bringing it through in his shots.
However although he is an amazing Photographer he is considered a sort of Predator

He's shot for
Hugo Boss
Anna Molinari
Baby Phat
Harpers Bazaar

Instances include
"an anonymous model alleged that "he had me go down on him and took pictures of him coming on my face, which I had never done before, and when I went to the bathroom to clean up I could hear him and an assistant joking about it which is when I decided to never tell anyone."

"A stylist allegedly quit "because of having to watch him sexually harassing/abusing two (naked) teenage Eastern European models who didn't speak English"

"model Jamie Peck, who posed for Richardson at 19, said that while she was prepared to be photographed nude, she wasn't expecting Richardson to get naked with her. She alleges that he also interrupted their shoot to 'strongly suggest' she touch him sexually."

Aldo Hot.

Gunnin for youuu

k well i thought since i never disclose anything about myself i should let you into an intimate part of my life.
my room...
it cradles me with creativity and everything i am and represent.
if you know me well enough you know its exactly who i am. its the most comforting welcoming safe place in the worlds entirety. you'll never feel better so  in light of this realization , readers knowing nothing of me, i thought i would share a few snaps of the nest.

however the bed remains a mystery.. sorry folks.
. Clothing Rack. Inspiration Board. Mirror . Makeup . Magazine Stack . Bed .

. Sewing corner . Desk . Fake plants. Candles . Books .

Why read magazines.

why do we:  read magazines?
fashion magazines?
flip through until we reach the editorials?
look to photo shoots for limitless inspiration?

i wish i could go to school dressed like a photo shoot.
dressed like an artists muse.
dressed like a french bourgeoise.
its not halloween its maximum inspiration.
its fashion to the max. before you leave the house don't take off that accessory you weren't sure of .. leave it on.
that hat you've been eyeing while you've been getting ready.... put it on.
those shoes you think would be too flashy with you're outfit..... slip em' on.
people in school highschool elementary and yet to find out about college. but i feel like its all so mainstream people dress like mannequins.
safe. typical.
i want people to step out of all of it and wear what they imagine not what they grab out of routine . what do you think they would wear?
what would you wear?

this is what i would wear:


alright so lately i've been thinking of all the wonderful things i need and want.
you know how it is.
you wake up in the morning and you get dressed and while you're getting dressed you wish you had one thing to wear or one accessory to piece your look with.
it's the worse cause all you want is that one thing right and you can't/ don't have it.
well recently i have encountered this problem far too many times, especially since i bought the most amazing pair of jeans and after wearing them like twice they're so loose i'm constantly pulling them up. (Belts)
so i have decided the things i NEED like "legitimately " (not really but kindof) need are a pair of gorgeous Doc Martens. oh you which ones. the ones Agyness Deyn is always seen wearing. the classic black work boots... mmmmmm yum.
Belts i need belts. black ones , brown ones, plain ones, busy ones, white ones, cream ones, red ones. i need belts.