All Hail Kaling ✌️

Holy shit yes ! I knew it!

Okay so i have 13% left on my computer battery so this is going to be the speediest post ever but Mindy Kaling, aka:goddess of the world, just said what everyone in Hollywood is to scared to say.
On film sex scenes aren't actually that bad to film.
Here is a quote from her book that advocates for dry humping and other fun things:

"I am here to tell you they're all lying," she writes. "Every last one of 'em... Obviously onscreen sex is not actual penetrative sex, but, as any religious high schooler will tell you, simulating sex can be pretty damn enjoyable as well."
Not only is it fun to crawl around in bed and bond with your scene partner, adds Kaling, but you're lit and shot so beautifully that you don't mind the crew watching you. "By the end of the shooting day, you'll wish there were more people there."

What a Lady Boss. 
Finally someone debunks the myth. Glad we can all be honest. 

All Hail Mindy.


Cheesy Gooey Luxury

So I'm sort of stuck in the dark ages of e-mail i use Yahoo .. at least some people say it's the dark ages. The one thing i love about yahoo is the news stories on my way to my dreaded e-mail.
not sure why but i dread opening e-mails.

However those news stories are great... especially when they're about grilled cheese.

So there is a restaurant in NYC called Serendipity 3 and they serve a 214.00$ grilled cheese. I repeat a 214.00$ GRILLED CHEESE.

The Quintessential Grilled Cheese features layers of the extremely rare Caciocavallo Podolico cheese which is aged in special caves. 
The bread itself is baked using Dom Perignon Champagne and brushed with truffle oil that contains flecks of edible gold. White truffle butter is also smothered on the slices before its stuck on the grill.
The extravagant snack must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance to give chefs at the exclusive Serendipity 3, based in New York, plenty of time to prepare the masterpiece. 
Its edges are then covered in 24-carat gold leaf and the sandwich is served with a tomato and lobster bisque which is presented in a baccarat crystal glass.
How insane is this. 

I so desperately want to try this sandwich ... especially since I'm currently starving. Ha!

Featured below are some of the photos of this glorious masterpiece.


Welcome to new found hardship

So by now we all know Bruce Jenner is no more.. Caitlyn has sprung and she is confident and strong and beautiful.

 The cover for Vanity Fair is absolutely amazing it sheds light on something so many people struggle with... being their true selves. Whether this is a gender association issue or a sexuality thing or even not being comfortable with yourself we've understood some sort of hardship or trouble... but here's the thing.
Caitlyn emerged and all anyone is talking about is ... her appearance ? seriously...
She goes through an extremely changing and difficult part of her life and we're analyzing her breasts and wrinkles and general appearance, not to be blunt but are you fucking kidding me ?
She looks great but more than that she is stronger than most people out there, myself included.

[In case you missed it Jon Stewart had a thing or two to say about this]
People will always have negative things to say but that's because they are rude and mean spirited and immature. truth. some people will never understand what it takes.

I applaud Caitlyn she has shown such strength and has given others encouragement to be their own selves.
I hope she continues empowering others the same way Laverne Cox has.

However please note that Caitlyn's transgender coming out is far from the norm. The statistics for transgender people are devastating.
To read up about the reality of their world click here for additional information.


ps go be you . go be happy, kill em' with kindness.


When you think of the number one supa model in this world who is it ... Kate Moss right ?
Now that we've gotten that little tid bit out of the way, let's talk about this interview she's recently done with Nick Knight.  She's candid and cool and she does't agree with the interviewer on everything like some interviewee's do.

She talks about Mario Sorrenti and his obsession with her and at first it seems a little bit over drawn but then you open up google and you find the images that she refers to and  you think ... holy shit he was seriously obsessed. Even capturing her on the loo.

It's interesting because i think we all have this idea of what she's supposed to be like but you open an interview and you see her and hear the things she says and she seems so unfazed by her fame and notoriety. She's grateful but she seems so passé about it which makes her even more cool for not caring - she's real.

Here are some snipers from other interviews of hers that i've found and likes. its strange to think of her as a person and not just an icon. she expands into reality.

INTERVIEW: Does that mean you, like your fellow countrymen and women, were excited beyone belief about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge delivering a future king to England?
MOSS: I love the Royal Family. The Queen, she's fabulous.
INTERVIEW: Have you met the Queen?
MOSS: Yeah, I have. 

INTERVIEW: Still, a runway the first few times must have been daunting.
MOSS: When I started, a lot of the models were still doing their own makeup. Now that's just unheard of. Now you'd never go in and do your own makeup before a show. I never did that—I couldn't. The first time I went to Paris for John [Galliano]'s show, no one knew that I was even a model. All the girls were lined up, and I remember Stéphane Marais said to me, "Are you in the show?" I said, "Yeah." He's like, "Who are you in the show?" I said, "I'm Lolita." He's like, "Oh my god, get her done quick." [laughs] I was just sitting there all day. I'd been there since, like, 10 in the morning. They just didn't take me for a model. 


Re designed & Re-inclined

Well crap.
Here goes this blog of mine!

 I used to write on this thing so often when I was younger. I used to talk about fashion and artists and things going on in my life; but it would appear life got in the way of what I like/love, isn't that how it always goes.

To be completely honest, I sort of hated the branding of my blog. I liked it as something I created on illustrator but it wasn't really a representation of me.
I've changed the look of the blog to give it a more " this is my diary where I write all my interests" kind of look. I feel re-inspired to educate myself about all the things going in the world because I now feel as though I have an honest space where I can write about my opinions, it feels quite great.

So... I hope when I write you'll understand that its coming straight from me.
If you have any interesting topics you'd like to see on the blog let me know !