Morning sunshineeeee

So i love this video .
i love how she looks slightly distressed and how she looks like she's in it purely for the party.
makes my life ahah.
She loves making music but she loves what it can bring her just as much.
and like i fully love that she's willing to stand for the party cause ex Miley cyrus gets bashed all the time whenever she does something a normal teenager would do and Ke$ha said Fuck it and decided to do whatever the hell she wanted. SALUT to her !

brown paper packages

these are a few of my favourite things.
( not in a particular order)

1. Urban outfitters
2. Lace
3.The Cinnamon Peeler -Michael Ondaatje
4. Embroidery
5. Accessories
6. Pearls
7.Ruby's Emeralds and Sapphires
8. Old Books & Libraries
10. Aqua
11. Magazines
12. Photography
13. Music
14. Florals
15. Lingerie
17. Kate Moss
21. Aerie
22.American Eagle
23.Forever 21
24. French Connection
25. MakeUp Forever
26.Jersey knits
27.Gossip girl
28.Almost Famous
29. Post secret
31.Down With Webster
32.Keira Knightley

history... his story. her story . OUR story.

sitting down determined to draw. it's not easy right. usually what people decide to do is to find inspiration. this can be from a TV show a celebrity music, whatever gets your creative juices flowing .
but the majority of us .. i think , use history to influence what we draw. we choose a moment in time that we think will become important (for whatever reason ) to the world.
sometimes its not just that "time" that was important but more specifically its elemets of that fashion that makes it unique .
ex. elizabethan ages .... jewellery . carefully decorated and woven gold thread. delicate and intricate things. time.

so if almost every age in time has something they are famous for what will we be ??
ya i said it what will we be known for ?
we wear clothing because we have to not because we want to or should love to. its become a chore not a hobby. not something that should be done with time and thought. it should be something we look forward to.
Remember when Marie Antoinette gets dressed and everyone is watching her . Eyes transfixed on what she chooses to do because she's brilliant. well what happened to that.
Did we all forget what it feels like for someone to compliment us or did we just stop caring.
caring . lazy. lazy.
money is something we have and want not something we need . its not a necessity its a priviledge. expressing ourselves through the art of clothing is beautiful and frankly its taken for granted far too often. so next time you leave look at the time the mirror and yourself.
the time it took you.
when looking in the mirror we sometimes get lost .
but if you really see yourself and how you feel you will understand the art of dressing.
the act itself is magic.
Applying layers of clothing removes layers of insecurities and adds layers of beauty .
.inside and out.

Chapped lipssss. . .

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new era . the era where fashion is about imagination and preferences.
alright soo ... Today on glorious february 8th it was Value Villages 50 % off sale.
I know what your thinking . YESSSS!!!
it was glorious
walking into the store/ not really a store more like a building filled with other peoples treasures. nonetheless when i walked in the stench of sweet mothballs met me at the automatic doors. it was like god meeting me at the pearly gates. destiny.
so as i walked in i felt defeated , knowing that its extremely difficult to find anything i decided i had to just go for it!
so i did and well i found great things. i found a faded baby blue leather jacket with four clasps , shoulder pads and a huge collar. its glorious. never in my life have i been so lucky.
i also found a Gap pea coat, i'm not sure how i feel about these coats however i feel as if i should have one because they look preppy and clean and well one never knows when this loo may be needed.
i also got a lace vest a wool laderhossen styled vest. and a large sweater and a few other random shirts that i could not begrudge myself (well shirts i would not let my mother begrudge me of ) .........Sweet.
i cant even wait to wear my findings. however I do not yet fel ready to wear the shoulder pads in the jacket so i think i might remove them for the sake of my femininity.
so we'll see but i promise pictures are on their way ..
ps. Toronto get ready : )
k i have an obsession with boy meets girl.
boyishh things with girly twists.
and also making them super indie and hip.
so here is what i intend to be wearing come the new school yearr.


Post Secret by Frank Warren.

sometimes when i cry i feel like im having an epiphany. its like a surge of unwinding emotion. i feel like if i could channel that emotion for the rest of my life i could do and be what i want. sounds weird i know but its such an out of body experience that it makes us feel invincible.
something i think we would all love to feel like once in awhile.

This is only being brought up because i cried tonight.
i cried and cried and cried . and after i thought i was done crying i cried some more.

I'll be completely honest with myself and the world for one second.
I'm so scared. like absolutely terrified .
i have no idea who i am or what i'm doing with my life.
i want things to work out so badly that i feel like if my "shot " ever came i wouldn't recognize it because i would be so concerned with controlling the situation.
Aren't we always taught to do that .
Control our lives.
i like steering but i also like that feeling of complete and comfortable fly by the seat of your pants insecurity.
an insecurity that guides us to our most raw emotions.
emotions that when they run through us we cant even contain them.
Priceless emotion.
A word my art teacher would use: Organic.

books and clothes

So .i . . . . . . was originally going to write about these books that i just cant help but want to write about however i think ill save that for tomorrow.
ok so instead I'm going to write about something very familiar to all of us- clothing.
Ah yes clothing . Do not get confused i will not teach you how to dress yourself.. however if you need help feel free to ever ask questions about outfit ideas etc..
Alright so today i was sitting in front of my closet and i literally had no inspiration whatsoever to get dressed. it was literally the most depressing thing i have ever experienced in my entire life.
so i have these pants that i love they look like skinny pant dress pants, but they aren't. they are like really thick leggings that look sophisticated and have pockets and a zipper and everything , and like well i definitely wore them tuesday and wednesday and well today was thursday and i kind of hesitated to wear them a little, but i said fuck it and wore them anyways cause well they look good and make me feel good.
if it looks good do it!
i know this seems like a random post but i was just thinking that cause well i felt awkward wearing the same thing more than 1 day in a row. k thanks