Sweet Baby Jesus...

Oh My Goodness.
So i was on Refinery 29's site today and I almost cried when i saw Club Monaco's 2011 Spring collection.
I almost... almost want Fall to go away.
Gorgeous fabrics . Even better colours.
its Breath taking.
it sort of reminds me of Eat Pray Love. like the whole idea of empowering clothing for women.
All these looks just feel so international. as if they could be worn In India or Paris New York London or Bali.

New York.


New tool.

So I was on the ELLE website and i found an amazing tool.
You can choose what season and collection you want to look up and then after you can look up any designer.

It is Gods Gift to us fashion following women.
I can literally search anything.... especially Chanel- my love.

What i'll say is this. If i Love Fall and winter.. cause i do and if i love Chanel... which i do , then you can only imagine how much i probably love this collection right... Right 

the most beautiful girl can be seen in the most beautiful thing here. 

Does this count ?

I'm not really sure as this counts as a post cause i'm planning on just rambling.
Blah blahblah.
Alright well lately i haven't been posting much cause well there's this awesome thing called post secondary. and well it's coming up.
and frankly i've got to get my Shit together or else the Russian is going to kill me.
So lately i've been gathering up a storm.
From bed spreads to duvets, dishes and kettles, pots and toiletries life has taken over.

I'm getting all of these things together but i feel unmotivated for school... why ? i don't know, cant really say. Might be because i'm shaking in my un-bought Doc Marten Boots.
I'm not scared of school or living on my own or not having the feeling of my family but i'm thinking i'm more scared of who i'll discover i truly am, and what i truly want to do.
What if we find out everything we ever thought and wanted was all wrong. 
sure it's motivational to say we pick up the pieces and move on but what happens if we discover we can't?Then what?

To be honest i don't know how school will end up but i hope it all works out.
I hope i'm as talented as i think i am and i hope everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows just so i can learn and become motivated. cause as of right now thats my biggest problem.. i'm lazy as fuck.

P.s: i fucked your Xlover.
S.O Fashion.


I've been discouraged lately.
I'm sorry will post soon unable to muster up inspiration.

Pick me up: songs

...okay so sometimes i need a pick me up...

and well lets face it sex ,drugs and alcohol won't always do aha kidding
so instead we need to find something else to perk us up.
in this case it's music because well lets get real it is such a perfect art form.
You can listen to a song and it makes you cry or gives you the stupidest smile ever.
thats the beauty of music.
i dare say : it makes you feel in love. (if i knew what that feeling was and i was guessing what it felt like )
Okay so here is a small playlist of songs to make you feel instantly better : )
Your personal Pick-me-up.

Artist- Song
Caitlin Crosby- Still Have My Heart
Brigitte Bardot- Moi Je Joue
Donavon Frankenreiter- Lovely Day
Erin McCarley- Love Save the Empty
Gabrielle Cilmi- Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now
Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me
Gloriana- Wild At Heart
Ingrid Michaelson- Mountain & The Sea
Jessie James- I Look So Good (Without You)
Jessie James- Wanted
Jónsi- Go Do
Marvin Gaye - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Sara Bareilles- Love Song
Sara Bareilles- Vegas
Sara Bareilles- Many The Miles
Sky- Love song
The 88- All Cause Of You
Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun


Minimalist Views F/W 10'

Dear ............. ,

      So if you read magazines you would now that this coming season focus is minimalism. Blah colours and simple, elegant cuts. Camel, grey, beige, white, black , brown and splashes of Red. Mmm very yummy colours. All my favourite colours. Warm colours. they are my favourite  colours because they remind me of wrapping up in a patterned quilt. in a warm Lodge. One with a stone fireplace and bronze grate covering it. 
with a cherry oak coffee table with a big mug-bowl with Chai or Chamomile or Green or White Blueberry Pomegranate Tea. 
and a black cat lying on the top of the couch. An aged Chocolate brown couch with studded arm rests.  and   an ornate wrought iron decor hanging above the fireplace. 

Okay so anyways these colours are key for F/W 10' and frankly i could not be happier to see them on the runway this season. 
The following is a small very small... fucking tiny.. assortment of my favourite looks from some of my favorite designers.

Phillip Lim 3.1


Ann Demeulemeester
(One of my favorites)

Fall/ Winter is going to be a hell of a fun hopping season fuck can't wait .
daddy please can i borrow your credit card ...

Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot was originally an aspiring ballet dancer however later on she pursued acting and "became world-famous due to her role in the controversial film And God Created Woman."
she was also incredible known due to her feminine style and beauty.
Long blonde hair & Sophia Loren curves "she's the poster child of a real woman."
     After her retirement she became an animal rights activist and vegetarian. she proves to want to make positive changes in the lives of animals however i suppose its difficult for the top world leaders (she requested a meeting with Stephen Harper to discuss seal hunting) to take an ex-actress/model/ singer seriously , however she has proven herself to be devoted to her cause and established The  Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals, even selling her own possessions and jewels to fund the project. if you ask me that's a a tough thing for a material girl to do.
However , like everyone , she has her flaws, [From Wikipedia ]  - she's made comparisons of her close gay friends to today's homosexuals who, "jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through" and that some contemporary homosexuals behave like "fairground freaks". In her own defence, Bardot wrote in a letter to a French gay magazine, saying, "Apart from my husband—who maybe will cross over one day as well—I am entirely surrounded by homos. For years, they have been my support, my friends, my adopted children, my confidants." Bardot's book was also against "the mixing of genes"; made attacks on modern art, which Bardot equated with "shit"; drew similarities between French politicians and weather vanes; and compared her own beliefs with previous generations who had "given their lives to push out invaders".
On 10 June 2004 Bardot was again convicted by a French court for "inciting racial hatred" and fined €5,000, the fourth such conviction/fine the French courts gave her. Bardot denied the racial hatred charge and apologized in court, saying: "I never knowingly wanted to hurt anybody. It is not in my character."
In 2008, she was once more convicted of inciting racial/religious hatred in relation to a letter she wrote, a copy of which she sent to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Interior Minister of France. The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without anesthetizing them first but also express that she was "fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its habits" in reference to Muslims. The trial concluded on 3 June 2008, with a conviction and fine of 15,000 Euros, the largest of her fines to date. The prosecutor stated that she was tired of charging Bardot with offences related to racial hatred.

She's a Gem.
Love her hair 

god i'm brutal .. don't help me.

Just a floating thought. not much development. a thing that "POPS" in and pops out

Okay so recently i've been looking over things .. searching , digging spreading .. just a general rule that i've been curious. curious about things such as well.. everything. looking over websites and blogs & more blogs and picture sites, i've come across alot and well a theme that seems to keep popping up are eating disorders.
what is an eating disorder?
well.. according to my dictionary it is : any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa).
so pretty much you think things that change the way you eat.
that doesn't just mean anorexia, bulimia, trans-eating.. it means dieting too. 
no it doesn't mean your completely psychologically twisted and that you need immediate help.
all that it means is that people should start embracing their bodies.
if you were born a size 8 and your mom was a size 10 ... chances are you'll never be a size two and if you ever are then you've probably done severe damage to your body. 
Note to self : bones that stick out .. they aren't hot - you might want to re-consider.
here's the thing right.. everyone has their own definition of beauty whether it be skinny or fat light; or dark; short or tall. it doesn't matter because what one person characterizes as not being beautiful another might. its personal preference.
so while , for the moment, the majority of those models on the runway are skinny don't sweat it because i bet a good 85 % of the people watching the show aren't the same size and might not even think that its beautiful to look like a starving third world country child. therefore don't sweat it a revolution is on the horizon. one where is skin and bones is out and healthy is the new black.