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ballet me crazy

alright so something you may not know about me is that one of my favourite fragrance is by Chloe, it smells divine.
one other thing you may have learned about me if you follow this blog often enough which you should, is that i'm completely Obsessed, capital O, with dance.

and now too of my favourite things have come together. Chloe and ballet.
this past season all of the Chloe designs were inspired by Ballet , so a famous Ballerina thought she should take the designs out for a test Spin.

Everything about this collection screams ballerina the low back, the shoulder blades, the gathers,the occasional pleat , ou lala.

S.O Fashion

p.s : this collection makes me love neutrals even more.

Take me, steal me, spy me, kidnap me, tie me.

Well it has been quite the length of time since i have Blogged. capital B bitches
i suppose it's because there hasn't really been an abundance on my mind.
i've Fallen in love with red accessories. like this TRIWA Watch

my expertise tells me it retails for approx.230 CAN.

alright so today was a mega bomb day at Co-OP. the day was just good ya know, just a really good day.
and then i came home and things were far from peachy.

they were like a burgundy. fiery and dark ahah.
people were feeling moody and i'm feeling too tired too be nice and have to put up with grouchiness. so i have dipped to the security of my bathtub.
and then while i was busy turning into a mermaid i was thinking what the most possibly exciting thing i could do it.
i decided SPY.
go figure right ahah.

i actually fuckin love it. technology, secret identities, fake passports, drugs, crime, sexy criminals. it all just seems so dreamy, doesn't it ?
ye it DOES .

id pretend to be a Burlesque dancer in order to Spy on the russian criminals and then follow them sneakily getting very important INTEL.

i'd be covered in Bad Ass girl tattoos that just make me look dangerous. 

i'd be the cool London girl smoking on the corner, the one who nobody assumes.

i'd seduce and destroy, luring bad criminals into my fatal hands ahah

i would love to live a cool secret life.
 but then i remember that it's all fantasy.

S.O Fashion

dum dum di dum

wow so this is exceedingly late and completely over due however slightly meaningless as well.

alright so after the royal wedding everyone wanted sarah burtons dress. the gorgeous gowns that kate and Pippa wore were famous and forever remembered.
and as everyone expected there would be remakes made immediately.
they were right.
people tried re-creating the McQueen gown that the princess wore.
 and the curve hugging number that her sister donned. well although this is far overdue i just wanted to show you the first knock offs that were made, these pictures have been in my unused folder for a while but you know what i hate deleting pictures that i wanted to blog about so i thought i should share these with you.

S.O Fashion

boredom too death.

alright so today i am extremely bored, went to the hairdresser with my maj and it took her a whippingly delicious 2 hours to get her hair did.
too long.

came home munched on samosa's and salad. delicious.
and then i realized, life in ths small town is super boring, like there is nothing to do.

and then i decided to light a bunch of candles in my room , string some romantic christmas light and put on a mask.

i've decided i want to have a masquerade for my birthday.
i want it to me a crazy S&M Rihanna like video party. everyone wears a mask and lingerie, we dim the lights and people just forget about life and go wild.
dancing, loving,hating. i feel as though we need a party of the century.
A masquerade Saints n' Sinners Party
it'll be fun.
well i got all excited and started taking pictures due to my excessive boredom,cool right ? ahah no.

masks are sexy, provocative and empowering, try one on.

"i just want your kiss boy i just want your kiss"
"hey hater sign language"
anyways go get a fucking mask and put it on, its fun , playing dress up is fun so is dressing down.

S.O Fashion
p.s : yes i realize this was a waste of a post and of your time, however you chose to read it

Reminding myself where i come from ..

Read this and then close your eyes and think about it like an indie kid. aha
I just wrote this post and i feel like such a Hippie.

You know.. sometimes life swallows you into its chaos. it literally takes you in and holds you as its captive for a little while.
and while it's got you in its madness you change.
we transform into the chaos.
but once we're let go we start being ourselves again.
but the whole trouble with this is we sometimes forget who we originally were.

i know personally with me i either become super cold to everything and just wanna be bad and fuck shit up for fun.
and then the other time i want to just stargaze to Delicate by Damien Rice or interpretive dance to Florence and the Machine or Ingrid Michaelson.

and sometimes i wonder which "half" of me would have better results in life.
i sort of sound like i have multiple personalities disorder , i don't .. i just have a different way of looking at things.
but anyways lately i can fully say i have been unemotional and uncaring and then just this recent hour i've been doing things that are more like the other things i like to do. and it feels good.
listening to thoughtful musicians like the Rolling Stones.

and classics like Bob Dylan. they make me want to fly.

Just whats been on my mind recently .

Bad ass Insensitive

A Straight Shooter who is just here for the Party that makes you like you can do anything and not get in trouble.
and even if you do get in trouble you don't care.

being able to see that someones eyes are so unemotional that they can look right at you and you can look at them and see nothing.

Music Appreciating Interpretive Dancing Life Lover.

What i look like when i listen to Damien Rice.

Filling tents with these and looking up and seeing more than what you're looking at.
feeling like William Miller in Almost Famous when his sister tells him to light a candle.

realizing how great the party is when you can fully enjoy classic fun for what it is, Unfiltered fun , without bullshit.

S.O Fashion

Find Yourself & Breathe in the Music.
What I want is what I've not got 
What I need is all around me.

good thing i'm not married

alright well good thing i'm not married because otherwise i would've already cheated on my husband. its clear that i cant keep a vow so lets scrap that.
i'm just gunna try and actually do something this week ... it's thursday ahah
i guess it's better to have a goal than no goal at all ,

however whatever ahah

well today i feel super sick and completely dehydrated i'm convinced i've got sun stroke, because i went on a long run in the scorching heat .. potentially a bad idea.

so i'm gunna go drink gallons of water and leave you with something delicious to breathe in.

MGMT too good, enjoy !

S.O Fashion

marriage is a sham.

so i vow to do something creative or fashionably productive either for myself or for my blog today... maybe aha

well i really want to accomplish something because my day was fucked and completely ruined aka shit today.
so i feel as though i need to do something today. doesn't really matter what it is aslong as i feel as though i did something
whether it's:
 being a bad ass mutherfucker smoking in the kiddie pool or..
 smoking so many drugs that i'm high off my ass or..
doing something completely wild and out there with my makeup that i wanna cry to do my excessive creativity or...
 carve some muther fucking crayons that clearly depict how pathetic of a life i have or potentially...
i could be the most "indie-est" (new word for you Weber's Dic) thug life livin kid ever and paint something ridiculous that makes me people smile.

to be honest i just wanna fuckin do something ugh. how this day has turn to shit aha
maybe i'll sew or draw... or carve some crayons ahah
whatever it may be i vow to show it to you tomorrow *smile*

S.O Fashion

Coasting, Floating For Tomorrow and the Day After

so i'm just sort of in a state of float right now, just going with it not really worrying about much right now.
everything of these pictures reminds me of how i'm feeling right now, peaceful calm, at ease with myself,  shit is strangely out of place and i think thats ok.

dripping through life.

i wanna watch night skies like this with you

Being herself and accepting she's different

i sort of think maybe i'm learning more about myself, i'm also realizing this through my fashion choices, i think i'm riskier when i feel better and strangely enough i take notice.
when i look weird i feel better aha
i think i worry to much about things and i'm jut gunna stop and see what happens.

S.O Fashion

NAture me Crazyyy.

Alright so this past weekend i partied my face off and had a blast.
but then i came home and i wasn't partying anymore.
it made me think that i could actually be doing something productive.
hmm, vodka + orange = fun but there are so many fun things too.
i wanna go camping, i wanna paint , and be artsy and creative again.
my source of inspiration wilted away with the flowers and seeing as its spring i want to bounce back into my old action,
Drawing , Painting, Sketching ,Sewing , Designing, Learning and sure maybe i'll throw in a little vodka but all under moderation i suppose aha.
OK well there is something very strange about me ... the thing about me is, you don't really know me until you've been in my room and fully have taken a look around. my room is the world's greatest haven where i literally escape from the world and just be myself, and just looking at it you can see different sides of my personality shining.
this picture reminds me of what my room feels like- a fort.

if i lied in my bed would you join me ? we could spend all day sitting just like this, up close and hiding beneath the sheets hiding from everything that's knocking at our door.

i wanna be a hippie-ster like her i think the deco on her eye looks brilliant and unlike the fuckers in the world she has  something that'll probably uplift others when they see her, she looks free, like she's enjoying what the rest of us have forgotten about.

all right so as of right now i promise to try and be more artsy and not as lazy as i have been lately... so bad.
also i have been totally keeping up with my running !

approximately 5-6 times a week.
i hate it but i feel better knowing that i am running.

and on a final side note i just watched the virgin suicides and it was SO good i give it 5 stars and fully recommend it to everyone and anyone it's really quite an exceptional film
sorry i love this still life and thought you should enjoy it, form of art that is slightly under-rated, i love that it's clean and there isn't so much bullshit its straight forward.


these have been on my computer for ages and felt as though someone else in fashion may have some use for them


S.O Fashion

slightly in need of some company

so since my friend who's a boy wont buy me a cat and since my parents wont let me keep one even if he did i've decided i want a different kind of pet.

i want a HEDGEHOG! i feel like a complete animal picture freak but they're actually so cute.

S.O Fashion