One of the greatest People you could ever meet.

So today i feel disgusting, severely sick, i want to be tranquilized .hmm.
my shoulders are sore my calves hurt. and i've had hot and cold sweats for a few hours..
Please make me feel better.
So today while is was feeling fantastic i surfed the internet like it was my job and i came across a really cool ANTM photo shoot.
Cycle 15: they were transformed into famous designers and had to embody the designers.
Well surely one of the girls dressed up as Christophe Decarnin.
& by seeing her most shit fuck impression of him i realized how much i love him.
SO punk.

Balmain: one of my favorites.
he reminds me of a more high end grunge version of DKNY.
his clothes are absolutely brilliant.
there literally are no other words for him.
he's so bizarre but strives in his element he's a brilliant weirdo.
Cathy Horyn who slammed Balmain's collection all i can say is "Please Shut up?"
So i just wanted to give you a brilliant peek at his work.

S.O Fashion

Newest Illustrations

So for one of my classes i had to choose 3 different outfits and draw them in three different mediums , these are my drawings. i like m.

Want this dress.

Favorite show, re-run tonight .. livid.
Love the dress style n sleeves poncho styled arm holes.
Be my mom ? .. Please

Too light on the scanner had to darken . proportion looks off because of fashion figure proportions.

S.O Fashion


So lately i've been thinking that it would be pointless for me to put up pictures of the lipstick i've already worn so i'm going to make a collage of the final 12 or so days. that way i don't you with colours you've already seen.

And i also need your help.
i've been considering bangs but i don't know if i want to for sure.

like Rachel zoe. but the problem is her forehead is bigger than mine so i don't know if they would work. plus bangs get really greasy really quickly :S
ahhhhhhhhh! what to do.
answer my poll i would greatly appreciate it!

i will remind you that my hair looks like this :

S.O Fashion


Big Dog H&M has always been there. 
or at least it always has felt that way.
they're known for their european edge that makes us crave crazy.
...well at least for me .
H&M has just launched a new collection designed by the one and only Alber Albaz.
The Lanvin designer is a genius.
he has created designs that are holiday worthy and scream late 80's high end glamour.
big ruffles. silky fabrics. and jewellery overload. 
Fashion Orgasm.

The show had a certain edge. 
reminded me of Glenn's house from The Wedding singer with Drew Barrymore. 
Mirrors. Chandeliers. Excess.
The show was truly topped off when Anna Dello Russo came walking down the runway with a gorgeously groomed Standard Poodle.

Old School Gl [amour]

Lanvin Original Sketch... My favorite.

Love The GAGA shades

Anna Dello Russo on the Catwalk.

Enjoy the Show Fashion Monsters.
S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 019

Day 19 Ohhh babyyyyy.
SO fridays are my most dreaded days because i have drape.
and well i'm not good at it.
i just don't have the technical handy-work to excel.
today i was pure grunge though. and well it felt way better than wearing tight clothes.
i wore stretchy medium dark wash jeans from JOE. with a long sleeve gery v-neck and my brothers old value village plaid shirt.
and well i'm coming down to my lipsticks without having to repeat so it was tough call and i went with a coral.
it's nice, really light on the lips but a good bright colour.
Got some compliments.woo.

Brilliant Moisture
Sheer Apricot

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 018

Today was a good day.
Handed in some assignments and everything went smoothly but i swear i broke my finer.
its the strangest pain.
i'm going to be extremely productive today and do good work whilst watching a delicious and completely unknown film.

So the lipstick i wore today is nice, yes just nice, plain.
it's like the lipstick you wear when you don't want to be too flashy but still want to wear one.

Color design: Vintage Rose

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 017

Alright so today was a good day i had to do a fitting for my final first semester assignment for school and my teacher ,who's pretty tough sometimes told me i did a good job.
i almost wanted to hug her .
well i was feeling pretty good when i awoke this morning and well i got dressed pretty decent.
everything went well.
went to open mic night and met two cool people ate some delicious quesadillas and now i'm calling it a night.
however before i go i have to post todays lip adventure.

Cherry Brown

Lasts really long, got lots of compliments however only feels fully moisturizing in the first few minutes and then afterwards it feels slightly dry.

S.O Fashion

The BIggest Fantasy i've ever had

Fantasy Fulfilled For Upcoming Seasons

So I have a bit of a secret fantasy, I’ve had it for the longest time too. I think everyone sort of has this fantasy; whether it’s the exact same one or a variation- no it’s not sexual so get your heads out of the gutters.
            Since the release of Twilight, Vampires have been the new “it-thing”. Edward Cullen and his long list of smoking male cast mates have lit up the screens with abs, biceps and pecs. Not that I’ve heard any women complain but isn’t it time for something new?
If you deny never having thought about being a spy you’re a liar- sorry. There’s just no way you can’t think about being involved in one of the coolest professions. Missions, muscles, lies and guns- how is that not desirable?
The reason why I’m confessing my ever long love of spies is because I’m getting a feeling, and hoping of course, that they’ll make a comeback.
            All spy love begins the same way, books: the love of a spy woo-ing a female protagonist or the admiration of a power-driven spy taking down evil men. From whichever angle you look at it they’re just awesome- simple as that.
            Fortunately we have been seeing uproar in spy films and television shows.
The list ranges from Angelina Jolie in Salt to the new hit TV show Nikita. These characters are showing us that they’re here to prolong this upcoming spy movement.
Whether it be the full length of a TV show or an open ending for Salt; the possibilities are endless for what’s to come.
            Seeing as this is a fashion article I suppose I should somehow tie it in with fashion. Well visiting my hometown for the weekend I was pleased to see my monthly fashion magazine was delivered on time. What was even better was after slowly peeling back the pages I found a complete photo shoot based on a new wave of power women.
            These outfits were not based on the classic power suits, and the over bearing, attention grabbing shoulder pads they were based on leather and sex.
It’s quite a funny thing, our role models always telling us to be thoughtful of what we wear so that people recognize our minds and not our bodies. Well, that wasn’t the case in this photo shoot. The inspiration was clear and defined- spy.
            Whether the model was seen upside down hanging from a cable with a gun holster around her leg and razor sharp hair cut , or whether she was seen leaning up against a posh car with a mysterious briefcase everything screamed SPY, SPY, SPY!
            The photo shoot really allowed women to look forward to sexy clothes. Leather bustiers, and tight pencil skirts with heels. Fitted jackets and sleek tailoring. There is promise in the air that women’s’ clothing will take a certain edge and truly allow us to try and push the limits of sex within our wardrobe.
            Just make sure you don’t cross the line, because trust me it’s a very fine one.
So Sexyyy.

aka if i was a spy, that is how i would dress.

S.O Fashion 

Lipstick Challenge Day 016

  Alright so today was a good day, brutal to get out of bed though :S especially after such a relaxing weekend.
so today i wore the most basic of things, jeans and a tee.
but my jeans are magic because they have an elastic waistband so they're SO comfortable.
I wasn't really in the mood for any bright lipsticks today so i went with something a little lighter, plainer.
if you ask me its a light gold/bronze but according to the packaging it's coral. lies.lies.lies.
it stayed on decent but it was a bit ,dare i say "runny", it's definitely a lipstick that would require a liner- without a doubt.

L'Oreal Endless Platinum 
Crystallized Coral

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 015

Lipstick Challenge Day 014

So today i worked and since i really shouldn't wear lipstick at work I waited to do so afterwards.
work was good a little long but thats too be expected when we don't work for extended periods.
i loved seeing everyone , they had their work party but sadly i missed out because of school.
ohh Holiday parties are always the best !
with the benefits of having an etire Beauty Boutique at my fingertips i looked for my favorite lipstick colour-dark red.
and found one that was so smooth.

Rouge G de Guerlain
Jewel Lipstick Compact

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 013

           Alright so today was a good day i didn't really do much , i slacked around my humble abode doing homework. it sucked.
i went shopping picked up some delicious purchases from LaSenza muahaha.
then went home for lunch and a bit more homework then went out shopping again with my mom in the evening. bought Paris Vogue's 90th anniversary issue. so happy.
bought cute skirts! and a cute billowy shirt love love love.
lipstick today was bright and ugly.
worst lipstick.
made my lips look old .... weird i know.
they looked like lips that desperately needed to be exfoliated ...gross.
colour was nice but the fact that it just sat on my lips was crap.

Sisley Cosmetics
Lipstick #7

S.O Fashion

lipstick challenge Day 012

Alright so today i am going home for like a day and a half to work . boo.
but mama is taking me shopping yesssss. it's been far too long .
i'm getting turned on at the mere thought of new things in my closet !
however a darling friend of mine told me that she liked my lipstick idea however she was too nervous to try it on her own , and she was scared it wouldn't look good on her so i told her to try something not so strong first.
tinted lipchap, lip stain, lipstick.
That's the way to do it.
so just for SJ i decided i would show her that it isn't really as bad as you may think !
Just try : )
ps i look bananas in my photo.

NIVEA fruity shine.
smells So Nice
Strawberries yum

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 011

So today is Remembrance day woot !
unfortunately i sort of forgot this morning so unfortunately i didnt wear red lipstick like i would have liked too .Boo.
but nonetheless it was a good day, kind of ?
sewing was crap cause i totally messed something up.
the gym sucked i did my work out so quick, aka i'm too strong ahah
i need new workouts so if anybody knows any please let me know .
however since this about Lipstick...
alright today was a bizarre lipstick day. you'll see why.

Brown yes velvety chocolate brown .

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
Choco- liscious.

Decent lasting time. hydrated really well which i think helped the lipstick stay on longer. didn't crease awkward or anything pretty nice. slightly a difficult color to wear comfortably. felt to weird for everyday.  however i just convinced myself that it was a deep purple. made me feel better ahah.

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 010

Yet to be completed

Play boy , what game ?

so whilst in the mood to post drawings here's another one. 

My vagina is RETIRED

Ok so this scanned copy doesn't do it justice but this is actually a really nice drawing  HAhaha

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 09

Alright so today i am sooo lazyy . it's  awful.
there was a really hot guy at the safe sex booth
got my roomie a purple condom lol
well today i wore a lipstick and it sucks. it came off in like 2 seconds  .boo
wasn't too nice of a colour... slightly disappointed. but whatever. sorry i'm so out of it im exhausteddd. and the wrap lady put too maybe onions in my wrap so i'm a little bit upset.
and i look crazy in the picture  ahhhhh.

Covergirl : Iced Cappucino

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 08

Alright so today is the worst day of my life.
not of my life but a really bad day.
nonetheless though i went grocery shopping and went to shoppers with the worlds greatest roommate who is beautiful and awesome and i love her.
well today felt like a fall day so i decided to wear a cinnamon spice colour  : )
makes me feel all warm and now i want pumpkin pie !
mmmmm yess

so the shade i am wearing is really smooth but comes off a little fast. i drank a delicious peppermint mocha from SBucks and my lipstick was nowhere to be found by the end of it . crap.
so here is the lipstick re applied- love the colour but it doesn't last.
p.S: i am wearing clothes.
Benefit : Hug it out.

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 07

Alright so yea I'm doing two posts in one day because i'm a failure.
so todays lipstick is a subtle sparkly rose gold, its nice. i totally took it form my mom because i wanted it and because it doesn't Really suit her skin tone ( she's tanned and should wear purples).
so i love this lipstick it smells like a sugary fruit salad and is like a subtle baby pink with a hint of coral. it goes on smooth and super moisturizes, none of that awkward sticky feel ! yay!
and it's a happy color because it made me want t put on a pretty gold eye shadow on my lids !
it's good peer pressure in a tube !

Avon: Sparkling Warm Rose 
and the gold i'm wearing on my eyes (not shown above) is by Benefit, i tried looking for it on their website but it doesn't appear to be there . Booo.
i also used Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Liquid Glitter Liner in Gold Crush.

S.O Fashion

Lipstick challenge Day 06

Alright so for Day 06 i chose to wear an old lipstick i had.
it was from my synchronized skating days . and let me tell you friends this lipstick is wild.
it is sooo metallic !
i dont know if anyone ever used those Sally Hansen metallic nail polishes, but if you do know what i'm talking about its like that but fuchsia and if you don't know what i'm talking about then well that was fucking pointless ahah

this picture doesn't do it justice but its awesome !

Annabelle:Mauve Rocks

S.O Fashion

You my dear are a Tarte

I love this banner. its lovely.

Tashtooks: Music

so My brother is neat.
He listens to cool music and well i was "lurking" him on the ever so popular facebook and he liked this music group called Tashtooks. Trusting my brothers musical taste i checked it out curious as to who he was and what kind of music he plays.
Impressed. nothing else but that.
Good name Great music. definitely something wortthy of your time.
Check it out


Lipstick Challenge Day 05

                 Alright so for some unknown reason my computer was being a douche and would not let me post anything.. yes huge piss off.
Today was a trickier day because well i woke up at 7:40 and i booked it to class. i literally cant believe what i was wearing and how gross i looked but none the less i made it.
the whole entire day sucked.
              and i was even more furious because i didn't have time to put on lipstick - HUGE FAIL. then on top of everything i came "home" and slept from 1 until 6 -EVEN bigger FAIL.
best nap ever but i couldn't get to sleep.

but when i woke up i went straight to my "Vanity" and put my lipstick on. this is the newest.
However it's not really considered a "lipstick" its a lip stain but its in stick form so that too shall pass.
Its a hot hot pink that is Barbie bright !

S.O Fashion

Lipstick Challenge Day 04

Yet to be completed

Lipstick Challenge Day 03

Alright break down of my life right now: went to bed last night or this morning at 4AM finishing an assignment it sucked , especially because i was up at 6:25 to get really for 7:45 class. Complete shit .. it's true :(

However my assignment is partially done and i am pleased with it thus far.
got dressed this morning felt/feel weird today a little sick and like i just look at how clothes look today and i want to throw up haha
i think my calves are growing bigger.. weird.

Wore a grey tank and black cardigan , somber colours, similar to my energy levels.
well chose a colour a little randomly today. and i LOVE it!
it's a deep red with hints of purple. o love o love.
so it went on so smooth and feels like chapstick. and i thought it would come off during the day.. didn't it has been on for what seems like forever and when it started to fade a little it didn't do the awkward bleeding into lip crevices thing, so in a nutshell i'm really happy. *Thumbs up*
I look mildly crazy in this picture ahah
Maybelline Moisture Extreme
Cherry Brown

S.O Fashion

Note: "String around my finger" post to be posted tonight 
Re-Note: Happy Birthday Roomie !

String around my finger: Abstract thought.

Ready for a mind fuck ? cause this is about to get confusing.

Clothes that make girls want to take off boys clothes...
Hopefully i get a  good male response from this one ; )

Alright Post of the Day
so i am now in "post secondary " and well lets face it as teennagers/ young adults we party and we're looking for a mate and to mate.

Problem: in the midst of checking out the people who compose the fanshawe universe i have noticed that i can't find any beautiful / beautifully dressed boys.
When looking for a guy it's only natural that we look at how they're dressed. here's the thing, people have their own personal tastes right ? each of us like something different.
The thing is when i look at you i want to be able to sort of understand the type of person you are.
but if you dress mixed between 100 different styles and tastes i'll never know and probably be completely overwhelmed.

this is not to say be a stereo type but if you figure out who you are and give it a twist it'll be easier for girls to understand whether or not they want to ... be your mate. hahahah

Certain things every boy should have in his closet.
A white v-neck: hot, makes us wonder what your body's like.
Dark Wash jeans: they flatter everyone.
Boxer Briefs: enhance and complement. (Note: Mark wahlberg for CK)
Black Belt: no Jersey Shore buckle necessary.
Plain Sweater: A basic all these things go together.
Fly SHOES: please don't wear your gym shoes anywhere but to work out, cause we might throw up all over them .

Dear Boys : not sure if you realize but if you dress nice it kind of makes you look good. and well makes us want to take your clothes off.
Summary: just look Dashing ok?

S.O fashion