I'm Worthlesss

Okay so best buy of the week .. hmm.. love the dress and the idea of doing a thing to buy; however my problem.. i'm constantly finding things... so instead it's going to be Hot Pick.
and speaking of the Hot Pick ... i found one .. mmm Navy

Slouchy Tie Waist Harem Pant. 39.50 $
Just think of them as comfy Pajama pants you can wear to work <3>

Hilary ... DARLING
Congratulations on the engagement!
now let's discuss what your goin to wear for your weddng-isnt that the best part.
well... since you have brilliant stylist at your finger tips lets discuss...
alright we've loved watching you grow up and your american girl girl image , however, we also like your new image. this edgy good girl gone a bit more bad image image.
its good .
so for your wedding we have gathered a compilation of [....drum roll....] Monique- classic.
for the wedding we want to see you in a bit of Tommy Hilfiger meets Nina Ricci.
Classic meets Bohemian Edge.
so here are the dresses that we think best suits these "requirements".
ps: we like the top one best.

[ Someone got it right ]

Guess what ?
Girl you got it right
Structured mens wear with colours of fall.
It just feels O so good.
She has a way of creating her collections based upon hat we've seen in the past "recents".
yes, i realize that was an oxymoron thanks.
think about this for a second. cropped tops from 80's trend . mens wear. asian inspired (previous Dior Collection); Cut and print. Latest cruisewear.
This is why why we love her so much .
The collection reminds me of a sophisticated doll.
Barbie gone Bad.
So good.

how about that precipitation

Dear world
one thing that is strangely under rated ..is......... photography.
its soo beautiful.
have you ever walked past something and just thought shit, i would love to freeze this moment.
no ? really?
trust me it happens, especially the first snowfall of winter when all the trees seem to be perfectly covered with snow. as if it's just sleeping.
well anyways i was flipping through a magazine today and all of a sudden i thought to myself, wow i used to hate all these ads.
no joke there is at least 30 pages of ads at the start of a magazine. 30 PAGES!
thats a great deal of tree pulp.
surprised by my acceptance of these pages i thought to myself how much i love them. its the whole idea, looking for tings we like.
pictures are what make up the magazine.
i love flipping through and looking at the colours and textures and shapes and and and well .... well i love all of it.
I feel that you only can appreciate fashion when you can enjoy the ads.

strange concept i know... get over it.


alright best outfit yet
heels, sweat pant styled gauchos, loose tank and lots of neckalaces
just saying......

edu.org meets washing machine

I’m being brain washed. Yes brainwasheddddddd!
listen to this its tragic like very tragique. Sad. Okay so as I was frolicking through an intellectuals dream with a sign stating leave emptiness at the door. And I picked up a few to many magazines. Cost me about 40 $. I have a problem and addiction.

If you must know the magazines were: POP, Vogue (usa), ELLE Canada, Fashion magazine and NYLON.

And Ias I was sitting in a floral bush this lovely evening and as I opened the first page with the scent of freshly printed ink I was bored with some of them.

I almost cried.

Here’s why:

Everyday I go to school. They teach me things they think I need to know right. WRONG!

I don’t care what you’re teaching me.

I know what I want to do and be so stop teaching me things that are stripping me of my creativity and causing me to become so busy I don’t have n opportunity to enjoi and savor what really truly honestly applies to my life.

I am unique, but if you keep stuffing me with this generic bullshit I will become a drone.

So in nice and in real quick form.

Dear education system fuck off you only help sometimes : )

Good night <3

P.s I also spent another 30 $on Kelly Cutrone’s Book. It’s good, take my advice and go buy it.