Alright so i realized a few weird things today... i'm changing. ya sounds weird right but wait.
i usually do things a certain way , i always buy certain things, i always paint my nails the same colour, just to name a few, however lately byt the powers of the universe i've stopped.


okay its simple things like splurging when usually i would save or painting my nails a different colour or just parting my hair differently but it actually makes a huge difference ! It opened up a door that i never knew i had the key to but if i did i probably would have been to scared to open anyways. Okay . so i opened the door and well it was a pretty glorious thing. it made me feel like i was doing something right. which i don't think a lot of us usually feel. Anyways i felt it and i loved that feeling , and it totally gave me the kick-in-the-butt-boost i needed.
I think i'm going to keep taking little risks and doing things differently like i have been cause it's been making me feel soo goood lately .

Ex: i usually part my hair to the side ( it's easier to hide behind )
but today after i took my hair down from it being wet due to a shower it fell into a centre part. I've tried a centre part before and well i thought my forehead looked big, but today it looked more like a Jillian Zinser 90210 kind of hair style. i know it seems silly but well it felt great and well it also means that i can't behind my hair anymore. will i keep it up ? we'll see .

so to those reading .. go do something that your scared of doing cause it feels so great, and if it doesn't work out the first time just remember there's more than one road to each destination ....


Alright so today i had a premonition.. well i do realize its not my job to `premonate things however it is my duty to report.
So today as i was sitting in an intellectuals dream i looked up only to spot a friend of mine,Pixie. Similar to Nima, Pixie also has special influences upon me.
HOWEVER they are extremely diferent.
Pixie influences and nima encourages. not to say either of them dont have any other influences but those are the ones i that primarily stand out.
It sounds very weird but i see myself in both of them. when i relate myself to nima i see my subconcience and my artsy and quirky side reveal itslef. kind of like a window to my youth, but one of those big windows that people snek out of, none of those little windows that are painted shut and don't open.
and Pixie well let me explain it this way its like i'm an url on the website and im at the homepage, and she's a refresh button. so everything i like is done through her and through me.

Well now that you have a little backround information let me get to where i was going , because i think i've arrived. so as i looked up to pixie and she used her magic refresh tool upon me , something came to mind.
Fabrics are going to be huge these coming seasons, textures and patterns are going to be what fuels designs. these elements are going to have such an influence that it will be the electricity of the collection. Fabrics that you want to wrap yourself in because they make you think of cool nights on the beach wrapped in heavy chenille throws and those nicely knotted ones with big holes that kind of look like ponchos but aren't.

Reminds me of the Coco Chanel documentary/movie when
she opens up her new shop near the beach. She's seen wearing Andro clothes with an occasional wrap .
No to mention SS10 the key theme has been Androgynous ( Mizrahi ) vs. Soft and flowy ( Ricci & Valentino ) No to mention how great they are together.

Gucci ssRTW 09
:Cant help it but want my SS10 to be like any of the Dirty Dancing films.

DIEGO LUNA love of my life..

go fill your closet with things you like to touch.

Edit Note : Sorry for all of the mistakes it was slightly rushed.

Knits, Russians and Furs.

Alright, i need to get something of my chest... i love culture . I think its so important and i think we all need to know where we're coming from to know where were going . Ya i get sometimes we don't like the places we're coming from or going, but you should its part of who you are,
& well one of my most-guiltiest pleasures is when people dress in traditional clothing in a non-traditional way. I think it's creative,modern ,outspoken and shows they have pride in who they are. & so when i came across Russian Harper's Bazaar Oct 2009 i melted.

Dear Russian Harper's Bazaar your october 2009 editorial spread featuring Furs and over the knee lace-up boots.... brilliant. Congrats. (sorry I'm a few months late )

What i love even more is that when i think of Russians I think of furs and embroidered harem pants with brown leather boots and traditional fur caps . and although it wasn't quite like the picture seen below cause well it's a woman and she's wearing less clothing then the men. You can clearly see where the inspiration is being pulled away from and that is why i loveeee it.
Traditional Russian Attire featuring a dance pose.
It's got to be one of my most favourite winter/fall trends . that and of course Mark Fast's gorgeous knits. i love knits . i love how they are practical when you wear them with cute long-johns and fur boots . and i love when you can throw a knit sweater over a tank top and just curl up in-front of the fire. and i love that whenever you wear them you feel like you should be in a log cabin overlooking the mountains. It's great how all this can just be thought up through the idea of knit sweaters mmmm.
Apologies for my spectacular ranting aha: back to: Mark Fast.
Ok well he is an up and coming designer/ not really cause we already know who he is and love his work so i personally think he's already made it, but hey that's just me , but it should be what everyone thinks haha.
Did you know Lady Gaga's stylist approached him to ask for some of his gorgeous knits, for well whatever purpose, and he declined. I love Lady Gaga and i think she's incredible, but nonetheless good for him. He even explained "My work is about a lifestyle. It's not fast food fashion. It's not about trends, it's about classic, it's about the body, the beauty. Maybe that gets lost in the picture with certain celebrities."
I can totally agree with that, however i also believe that fashion is about exploration ,trying new things and having fun. So i guess it's kinda' like "to each there own " .

DVF: A story that had to be told...

Ok so today as i was looking at the new DVF Pre-Spring 2010' Collection i obviously had to also look at the Spring 2010' Collection, cause well i had to but, fearing overwhelming you i decided not to post anything .
I was being a loner and surfing the internet about how casey johnson (rip ♥) passed away and an ad on to my right for House of harlow 1960 jewellery popped up. unable to help myself i opened the Ad!
The contents within were beautiful.
Neckalaces with beautiful abalone inly charms etc..
And then i bright idea popped into my head , and as i put 2 and 2 together the lightning bulb orbitting around my crown lit up.

Harlows new 2010' Collection would go So beautifully with DVF's Spring 2010 Collection.....

Ok .. how gorgeous...
& the colours are so understated and you can put lots of it on at a time and there is lots of gold which i love and not as muh silver ,which i also love but not as much as gold.
Weird right cause when i was younger which wasn't too long ago i hated gold i thought it was old womanish and tacky and well i flat out did not like it. But now i love it cause its elegant and rich looking and goes beautifully with just about anything.
Alright now that i got that out of my system you need to go check out the new DVF Spring collection 2010' and let me know what you think..

DVF : da very finest..

Alright so seeing as this is a fashion blog and i have posted approx. 0 fashion related blogs i believe this is long over due .
Well i will begin with DVF since i love her like the worms love the earth, aka they rely on it to no end.
If you do not know who this is SHAME on you. She's brilliant , and her name is Diane Von Furstenberg. She stands to celebrate women's strength and confidence . Her clothes are beautiful and sexy and reflect everything it is to be a woman. Here are a few looks from her pre-spring 2010 collection which are absolutely divine. And that had i been rich i would currently own.

Well as you can see .. the clothes are gorgeous.
It's like she takes the images out of other women's heads and draws them into clothes. She just knows what we want to wear and how it should fit.
She has an act for designing clothes so that they are versatile enough that we can wear them from day to night and back again. They are also casual enough that throwing over a cardigan and belt could create a look which would prepare us for the office and they are fancy enough that throwing on a pair of strappy Giuseppe Zanotti multi coloured stoned embellished sandals can take you from day to night. She does it without making anything look to skimpy or trashy its just generously feminine and strong, and, the bold prints and large accents help draw attention not only to the clothes , but also to the woman which is what the clothes are truly about.
Colourful, Modern and Feminine.
just found this and it gave me a good laugh especially when i realized i agreed. ahaha
2009 .... guess what its over and it has been since the little hand struck midnight.
so its time to stop dwelling in last year and kick this year into high gear. (that rhymed and now im thinking i'm going to have to place a copy-write on it or else it'll end up just like elaine's muffin tops.. )we're so young and insane

it all starts somewhere..

So it occurred to me today while sitting in a yellow room, lit by the snow outside that i'm lazy. I want to achieve my dreams and yet I sit there and expect things to be handed to me ...
well this is no longer the case.
I'm taking life head on and this blog is the first step, how am I supposed to be heard if i never throw my words into the universe?

well let me tell you ,whoever you may be, that i applied for university today.
it wasn't quite the terrifying experience i thought it would be , but now i feel like the admissions department expects something brilliant of me.
thankfully i have someone i look up to, Nima.
she's brilliant and extremely colourful.
guaranteed you won't find one like mine.
but assuming you do hold on to them cause they are impossibly difficult to find.
sounds weird but as soon as have a little conference with Nima in the brightly lit yellow room i feel inspired. i feel as if i could think up a whole collection or well do anything i need to and should do. it almost puts me in a daze because i'm amazed at how much i can accomplish.
okay okay i know it sounds weird but listen.

i saw Nima today for lets say almost 1 hour and 44 minutes ok.
i left got home applied for university and started a blog. doesn't sound like a lot but it is.
i mean do you know how many blogs there are with the name fashion in them, well theres alot i almost quit , but thankfully for the magical energy that the brightly lit yellow room provides me i didn't i kept going and now i am fully content with the results. A BLOG OF MY OWN !
cool huh ..
i write my own ideas when i feel like it and those who are out there read it , well at least maybe they do.... i hope they do.