Today is a positive day.

so i am trying to think positively with certain things in my life right now.
i've been doing well in school and well i need to focus a little more on me, what do i like ?
i'm finding this is such a concrete thing too know.
im 19 and i have no fucking clue.

fashion wise i think  have an idea. i like mixing things up.

i'm romantic and i lovee.

life happens whether or not you do something about it. -fact

just hot.

Karen Kalashnik Purses.
Incredible , essentillay a billion studs

chere, miu miu j'adore ton ad campaign

comme tu es belle.

S.O Fashion

a plus tard chéries  
mama vous aimes.

Bad girls. Bad Boys = Good Fun

Today was the Victoria Secret fashion show. 
2. I'm never disappointed.


one bad bitch, great movie.

get in my shower and wash my hair please, it feels so good.

beautiful witch crystals, beautiful colors.

blondes with delicate materials and fire,sounds like a party.

if you propose , propose like this.

Bardot is the new shadow. 
this never left, it just morphed into something new.

S.O Fashion

Nothing really on my mind.

so today there isn't much on my mind.

i dyed my hair blue it looks cool, i wanted it navy and it came out BRIGHT blue ahah
weird seeing as i have super  blonde hair
curious about how that works but es note too self Manic Panic Night Blue is actually bright blue, caution.


love this.

S.O Fashion

Its raining. and i live in London.
oh the irony.

ou de la sex.

miam miam miam.

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j'ai trop envi d'être a ma maison.
c'est penible de ne pas pouvoir allez downtown pour danser .

je veux partir.
j'ai trop envi de vivre une fantaisie.

mais pour maintenant l'école va suffire.
penible mais c'est la réalité.
ou de la sex.

les photos que vous-y regardez , ce sont mes reves. tout-ce que j;ai envie c'est ici.
de la drame , de la peine, de la romance.
ce qui me manque dans la vie c'est ici , pour tout le monde d'y lire.
lissez bien parce que j'ai pas du tout envi d'expliquer.

a plus tard. xo

S.O Fashion

p.s; aide moi, aide moi a changer, a trouver une nouvelle vie, une vie qui me laisse être la personne que je prétende d'être.

i don't want too anymore

so i'm getting annoyed of school.
so much so long.
does it ever feel like youre wasting your life doing something.
ye that's what school seems too feel like , a waste.
i know it'll be the best decision for me but i just wanna be done with this fuckin shit ugh.

anyways i've been thinking of the the greatest thing i could do and be without having to be a human and being in school.

and well i've come up with a Mermaid. 

oh yaaa.
like unless you are scared of the water then i understand why you wouldn't want to be a mermaid.
but if you are a water lover and well you need  a vacation becoming a mer person doesn't seem so rough ahaha

fuck school i'm growing a tail

S.O Fashion

sigh, anywayssss

Sunday is Lanvin Funday !
wearing a robe, makeup, some adorable knickers and a tasty and inexpensive bottle of my favourite white wine.
the only thing that i could have improved on is you !
where are you ?!
why aren't you in your robe.
Lanvin Funday includes tasty wine, delicious vegan treats & Love.
i highly suggest creating your own designer day, ain't nothing like it.

side note i look forward too having a Lanvin funday with my ladies when i get home.

well don't we just fit right in♥

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 S.O Fashion
someone who knows how to rock.

there is hair on my chest.

so today is probably going to be filled with lots of homework and boredom, as of currently i have no desire to get up and go to school. i just want to sit here.
i'm thinking about dying my hair. i also need to get christmas gifts for people.
 or at least think about hat i'm going to get people, seeing as i'm on a slightly "tight as the pole up judge judy's ass" type budget.
yet to be determined. 
i am tired i just ate, i need to drink my coffee and i need all the little babies who visit this blog to go like the facebook page ! 

i just made it so painfully easy for you, don't be a wanker.

i'm going to dye my hair or a tleast do something fun with it because i'm tired of what i got, i used to have fun coloured hair and now it's plain.
 i need a quick fix.

i like what's being served.

want this whole outfit she looks so cozy, i need prints for winter !

oh i look forward to the life ahead.

love this picture hahaa so funny when they change it up, even barbie gets wrinkles.

S.O Fashion
if you're a fan

S.O Fashion

sex is for the strong ?

so i have this want too put studs on everything. i want everything black textured and studded. 
i want things rich and nasty. 
i want things that don't exist.



hot [?]

contrasting yet completely the same.

i love looking through the images that people project. 
art is something confusing and broad, something unique.

Sparkly and strong.

just a little nasty

S.O Fashion

never trashy, always classy, just a little nasty.


S.O Fashion