Who will I be in 10 years? more like who will I be in 4 months.

Okay. so University is just around the corner.
Many challenges that teenagers like myself is staying in touch with those that we love right now, our friends. we deem them important to who we are because they've watched us grow. They have seen us overcome things whether it be with drugs or whatever or just fear; being scared to do something and overcoming that fear.
well Here's the thing after High school is done sad to say but there are so many people that i won't keep in touch with and the sad part i don't care. well ok maybe i care... but it's more like oh shit that sucks kind of care not so much of a i might cry my eyes out kind of care.
I keep wondering to myself why am i so cold?
and the answer is : i have no idea, but it could be that change is on the horizon.
   Over the past year i have changed alot , maybe for the better or maybe not .
but its undeniable. I've started turning into who i think/ and am pretty sure/ i want to be and well thats okay right because i realize that this person i want to be has to do with what i want to be and who i'll need to be later on.
I won't always be able to be who you want me to be.
& thats what i think is new and different. people always expect you to be someone specific and as soon as you change they dont know what do with the change because they aren't use to it.

So listen carefully to the next words i am about to write they're true and unemotional (sorry)   :
     in life chage is inevitable. you get skinny, fat, ugly, pretty, hairy bloated, bitchy, kind, depressed etc.
it happens.
nothing in life is ever the same.
accept change and move on. you can't dwell on the past cause it won't get you anywhere.
sure you can look to the past and admire it and love it and talk about loving it but that's where it ends. you can't live your life in what has already happened, because you will never move forward. you need to accept it as best as you can and continue because life, and 'm sure some will argue it, is in the future.

So: accept what has happened, embrace what is happening & look forward to what is going to happen.

look forward.

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