Just another day ?

needless to say it is quite clear that i have not posted in anything in forever..
i've been occupied. hardly an excuse though.

however i do have some slightly exciting news.
i am done my second year of school.
can't wait to finish the last one.

can't wait to be officially set free into the world with an education.
however my other not exciting news is that i am getting a fabulous camera for the summer. a nice one that i can take great pictures with.
a sexy cannon t2i or something like that.

i also am going on a soul searching mission. therefore i will be trying lots of new things this summer. trying them to see if i like them!


so stay tuned.
also my incredibly talented best friend andrea won an exceptional award.
she will be featured on flare.com alongside her designs from this years UNBOUND2012.

incredible.com i think so.

S.O Fashion

ps. can someone give me advice as to some cool shit i should try this summer..
hair colours?
anything. like i said im bored.

1 comment:

  1. love your blog .. its amazing :) like every post of this.. BTW congratulations for completing your 2nd year :) am going into college next month.. will be doing engineering.. hope it what i wanted.. :P hehehehe..
    happy blogging!!
    sandy (: