Banger banger

So every now and then i run into a problem.
my hair looks like shit.
this is a problem.
i can't seem to convince myself to cut my hair in plain carrie underwood bangs.
which years ago i used to have.
and i don't want to keep the hair i have now because its plain.
usually middle part. straight,wavy,or kinky.
i think i want bangs but i remain unable to decide for sure because i dont want them to give me spots on my forehead and because they get dirty so quickly.

so here i am unsure of what to do. but i have a flat mop on my head so the question is what do i do . ahh.

here is a photo of what i like.

but i feel like it'll look bad on me cause i'm blonde.
maybe i just need to learn how to do new things with my hair. hmmm. yet to be decided.

however i think it's going to require a little more hair effort.

S.O Fashion

i'll keep you posted with what i do.

also i need to start looking for a fierce outfit for 2 weddings.

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