um hi, its been awhile.

Hey shit heads.

so its been brutally long but let me explain.
i have no life.
i spend my life doing homework all day everyday.
it totally sucks because well i have no life.
other than my love obsession with chuck bas..oh wait, yeah never mind i have no life.
Okay so one of my newest and most favourite companies is called byboe.
its a jewellery company out of new york. their jewelry is unreal.

it;s modern and fresh and so simple. 
love their geometrics.
i especially love the simplicity of everything. 
i dont like jewellery and i used to think i loved chunky jewellery but now i am absolutely obsessed with thin modern BUT NOT ultra feminine jewelry. 
layering it, is gods gift to us femininely challenged females.

byboe. is definitely worth checking out, not only are their pieces amazing, their prices are low low low.

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and many others

S.O Fashion

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