Meals of the Great: Results

Ok so about a week ago i wrote the post Meals of the Great, this is the follow up - the result.
If you haven't read it just click here.

Ok to start here are the images of the Bell Jar meal. Esther Greenwood and her obsession with avocados encouraged me to make Crab stuffed avocados.

1 Large pear avocado
5 oz Fresh crab
Grape tomatoes
Curly italian parsley
1/2 Tsp of paprika

Start by draining the crab meat.Then chop it up into little pieces.Then chop up all the ingredients seen up above.Mix it all together.

Note: i didn't really measure how many tomatoes or celery i put in etc... i just judged how busy the mixture looked, and depending on what you prefer you can alter the recipe slightly.

Secondly, was the first meal from Ernest Hemingways Garden of Eden- David Bourne eats a delicious breakfast of Soft Boiled Eggs with Fresh Raspberry Preserve and Brioche.

2 Large eggs
3 Slices of brioche
2 Tablespoons of raspberry preserve
2 Squares of fresh butter

Start by boiling water, when water is boiled put the eggs (shell still on) in the water.
While the eggs are boiling toast the bread, we want everything ready at the same time.
Prepare your raspberry jam in a little dish.
After 6 minutes the eggs will be done.
Remove them from the water and place them in egg cups.
When the toast is buttered, break the tops of the eggs and start dipping that bread!

Lastly is the meal David Bourne eats once his marriage has essentially fallen apart. He eats a very manly meal of Plat aver Jambon and English Mustard.
So the meal can be interpreted a couple different ways, i interpreted it as such.

2 Slices of egg bread
2 Fresh slices of ham
1/2 Cup of vinegar
2 Tbp of english or hot mustard
1 Large egg

Ok so, i poured the vinegar into a pot of water and brought it to a boil. The vinegar will help bind the egg. Then i cracked the egg into the water, Note: keep the egg gently swishing in the pot, otherwise it will cling to the bottom of the pot. While your swishing the egg roast the ham in a pan. Make the slices nice and thin (this is my preference) while all of this is going on you should be toasting the bread. 
Remove the egg after about 3 minutes.
Butter the bread, remove the ham, put some mustard into a jar and get ready to enjoy.

 To make everything better here was my little helper. Don't worry she didn't taste test , she just encouraged :)


Happy cooking

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