meets washing machine

I’m being brain washed. Yes brainwasheddddddd!
listen to this its tragic like very tragique. Sad. Okay so as I was frolicking through an intellectuals dream with a sign stating leave emptiness at the door. And I picked up a few to many magazines. Cost me about 40 $. I have a problem and addiction.

If you must know the magazines were: POP, Vogue (usa), ELLE Canada, Fashion magazine and NYLON.

And Ias I was sitting in a floral bush this lovely evening and as I opened the first page with the scent of freshly printed ink I was bored with some of them.

I almost cried.

Here’s why:

Everyday I go to school. They teach me things they think I need to know right. WRONG!

I don’t care what you’re teaching me.

I know what I want to do and be so stop teaching me things that are stripping me of my creativity and causing me to become so busy I don’t have n opportunity to enjoi and savor what really truly honestly applies to my life.

I am unique, but if you keep stuffing me with this generic bullshit I will become a drone.

So in nice and in real quick form.

Dear education system fuck off you only help sometimes : )

Good night <3

P.s I also spent another 30 $on Kelly Cutrone’s Book. It’s good, take my advice and go buy it.

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