how about that precipitation

Dear world
one thing that is strangely under rated photography.
its soo beautiful.
have you ever walked past something and just thought shit, i would love to freeze this moment.
no ? really?
trust me it happens, especially the first snowfall of winter when all the trees seem to be perfectly covered with snow. as if it's just sleeping.
well anyways i was flipping through a magazine today and all of a sudden i thought to myself, wow i used to hate all these ads.
no joke there is at least 30 pages of ads at the start of a magazine. 30 PAGES!
thats a great deal of tree pulp.
surprised by my acceptance of these pages i thought to myself how much i love them. its the whole idea, looking for tings we like.
pictures are what make up the magazine.
i love flipping through and looking at the colours and textures and shapes and and and well .... well i love all of it.
I feel that you only can appreciate fashion when you can enjoy the ads.

strange concept i know... get over it.

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