lying in bed.

okay so iam not lying in bed. or a bed. iam not lying down. iam sitting.
-thought you should know-

so i watched the SEPTEMBER ISSUE. the doc with Anna Wintour and well the september issue.
it was good really good like iam about to watch it for the second time because i enjoyed it so much the first time.
it gives one alot to think about.
i guess i thought that there was more beauty behind the scenes but there isn't .
like her companion Grace Coddington who seems to get shafted or her gorgeous pictures get thrown under the bus.... just a little.
i understand the cut throat side but some just look to good to pass up.
and like once they are deleted they are literally gone. i guess thats what made it so scary.
Anyways the Documentary;even though it felt like a movie, and i didnot use proper punctuation-muahah.
Anyways, the Documentary-even though it felt like a movie(and i didnot use proper punctuation,muahah).
i realized how many there are to know and how many people i do not know or know of. there are just so many people behind the scenes .
things go unnoticed. not too mention all the little assistants handing people phones hoping that one day they will be her.
they are me but older and working.
problem is to be realistic none of them will be her.
and i probably wont be either and thats whatis so scary.
scarier part is realizing how far we are from so much.
ex: what do you want to be when you grow up? what is your dream job?
have you achieved it ? .... didn't think so.
what are you waiting for . it wont just be handed to you and you probably won't be in your prime when you achieve it.
abstract rambling thought i know but something to be thought about none the less.


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