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ok well where to begin

well first of all i am very sorry if this seems rushed because indeed it is. i have approx 5 min to do this post while i eat my lunch.

so today i was thinking [as most days i do] and well one of the most important things in fashion[my opinion of course] is fabric and embellishments.
clothing wise not outfit wise.
i think that a great piece of clothing really only is great because of the fabric.
think about it : a t-shirt is cut in silk and it is cut in some old cotton, which is nicer? 
the fabric is what sells you. its what attracts you. to me fabric is the selling point if i don't like the fabric i don't like the article of clothing its just that simple.
       i personally think that this relates directly with what i am writing : do you ever notice that moms always touch clothing in such a way that both layers are rubbing between their fingers or that before a woman leaves a store she always feels the need to touch as she leaves. 
its fabric its what draws us in. and i personally -as of right now- think that it is one of if not the most important element of a garment.

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