Sorry mama. sorry papa. i am not going to university.

I have wanted this stupid teeeeshirt from Urban outfitters for hmm like 4 or 5 months ☞Minimum.
Well i was Downtown and Myself and some friend went into Urban Outfitters And i asked where this shirt may be and well the stupid girl said they didn't have it and i thought i was going to cryy bt i didnt. i found another teeshirt [it's very cool if i may add] and then i found the t-shirt i wanted i was soo happy and due to the fact that i had crazy adrenaline pumping through me i bought both of them. 
cost me 77.67$ 
a little bit ridiculous but i don't care its sex on a fucking stick . i love it .
☟☟☟there it is☟☟☟ 

Just to show you cause i'm sure nobody believes me ...
but the stupid shirt has been in my urban Outfitters Check out account for those 5 painful months.

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