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Common Hair Dilemma

All right so whenever I write this column every week I try and make is as personal as I can.
I don’t really want anyone reading something they don’t think is true, or something they just couldn’t believe. It needs to reach the reader (that’s you) on a more emotional level.
Not crying emotional just enough to know what I’m talking about.
            Well so funny thing is I’ve acquired a new roommate and she is most certainly fantastic. We love her to pieces.
However poor little roommate has run into a mighty problem, one which most of us encounter.
            She wants to get a haircut but is struggling with choosing one that she thinks will look best on her. So in an effort to help her and woman kind I’ve compiled a set of guidelines which you may or may not find useful.

1. What won’t you do ?
Before deciding what you want as a haircut make sure you have a set of things that you won’t leave with or without. A lot of people don’t like bangs, whether its because of a skin condition or the nuisance that they are , we all have secret reasons for choosing something. The key point is to know what they are so that you can leave , for the most part, content and satisfied with your new do.

2. Analyze that!
This may sound like a bizarre thing to do but try looking at yourself in a mirror; and I mean REALLY look at yourself. Look at your face shape and skin tone. Look at your eye color. Then hold up paint swatches up to your skin and immediately you’ll see how different colors drastically change the way your skin looks. Some colors will you look noticeably darker, some lighter. And one thing people never really pay attention to is the undertones of your skin. This is also a very important thing. Each color ha different undertones already in it so therefore when bringing it up to our skin our undertones will peek out much more.

3. Magazine
A really great way of finding which hairstyles we like best is with a hairdressing magazine. Looking as to how haircuts suit others really lets our own minds run wild with possibilities. Sometimes we need to imagine something on someone else before we can imagine it on ourselves.
A hairdressing magazine is also really great because they allow you to cut and paste hair onto a picture of yourself etc..
In general they’re just great ways to get better ideas as to how to style and cut our hair.

S.O Fashion

P.s: this article was written at 4 this morning FML

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