A little Bird once Said...

So I feel as though lately my life has been really weird... i don't know why it just has been.
i just feel like i'm going through the motions.
I feel as though theres not passion left in my life.
this sort of scares me.
i'm dull, colourless, everything's bland.
it's a weird though i know but i feel as though everybody knows exactly what i'm talking about. do you live with passion? that doesn't mean sex or partying it just means passion.
it means doing something with such enthusiasm others can hardly understand if you do it.
it means going after something when you want it. it means understanding what we want, or what we're doing and doing it completely.
i feel as though to get out of such a rut one doesn't need a kick in the ass they just need to figure it out for themselves. i also feel like hibernating.
a gorgeous bear once told me she's going to do her and whoever's along for the ride should come and those who didn't give a fuck can do exactly that, fuck off.
seriously simple , Fuck off.
no this is not directed at anyone it just got me thinking: maybe i don't have passion in my life because i'm not focusing on me.
am i doing what I need? or am i doing something else.

there are certain days when i just wanna say fuck it and go crazy, i know that sounds awful but i do ... i mean who wouldn't like a little "Hall Pass" i know i would. but then theres the issue of what happens when things go back to normal. what happens when you give the hall pass back, you have to live with the consequences right?
well here's another thought ...

if you were to present this whole concept to someone they would say "blah blah blah everything in moderation "
all in or all out. do it right or don't do it all.

So either i'm going all in and going wild or i'm all out and hibernating....
or do i do the smart thing and just hibernate and have crazy outbursts, cause then dont the people who i get crazy with just expect me to be crazy... cause if thats the case they can fuck off. i do what i want.

I guess this is all just a thought.
but it's a thought that you've thought of before.

S.O Fashion

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