painfully regretful

one of the things i've noticed lately is my hair. 

it's super naturally blonde and so dry.
my mom bought me some Redken shampoo to moisturize my hair and to make my blonde highlights shine.

needless to say it was awful.
their conditioner did not condition. their shampoo smelled good and lathered decently but not great.
not too mention, their shampoo made my hair feel so immediately dry after i shampooed.

honestly i was so disappointed.

i also tried the Moroccan shampoo by the organics brand.

also complete shit.
conditioner sucked no moisture.

Redken ✭✭ and half 
Moroccan Argan oil✭

so since my hair has been dying slowly i changed conditioners.
lately i've been using DOVE Intensive Repair 

without a doubt in my mind i give it ✭✭✭✭✭
it has honestly gotten rid of so many of my split ends and i can actually see a HUGE difference in the texture of my hair.

i fully recommend it and if Dove feels like it feel free to send me more free goodies because they are incredible!

S.O Fashion

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