dear Rachel you're a raging bitch.

Alright so recently me and my roomie have been talking lots cause well school is soon approaching and well  we both need to get out of the small shit towns we live in.

my level fof excitement for this year is through the roof.

eventually turning 19, going out lots, meeting sexy boys doing my thing with one of my bestfriends um yes please.

borrowing each others clothes tearing shit up, killin it at school takin bitches out .. you know the usual ahah

anyways i felt as though i needed to make a small compilation of pictures to describe some stuff.

oh college .. ahah

having friends is like having more than one closet and a couple personal stylists.

telling incompetent people to leave and go do something productive with their lives.

doing whatever we want. stomping on negative people.

we go to school for fashion, lets just say theres alot of people who hate us.

one brunette one blonde , first one crazy as the next. ♥

two friends being free as we can be.

Love you girl xo

S.O Fashion

fuck yes

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