because i'm a poser

So one of my confessions i made a long time ago was my love for the show NIKITA.
it's my favourite show.

being in fashion i love looking at what different actresses are wearing, and well after my brother got to work on the set of the show i thought what better to do then to re-watch season 1.

while watching season i of course noticed things that i hadn't noticed before.
instead of the great combat scenes i noticed some of the clothes.

i loved when nikita bought alex a new blouse and well it was cute. and strangely when i was shopping today i was more inclined to buy a blouse than ever.
well i got one, it's cute an sheer and in a neutral colour.

(pictures yet to be posted.)

also nikita wears this great waist length jacket with panelling all along the shoulders.
loved it.
i have yet to find out where it's from.

however this post is just a little note.

S.O Fashion

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