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Hi everyone so the new school year has started and just like last year i will be writing for my school newspaper.

our latest issue was all about the nitty gritty ... SEX
it was a fun article to get to write for and i even got to interview some boys about their sex preferences.
if you go to my school pick up a copy of the paper and if not i will be posting them here for you to read !


The infamous sex issue. For this issue, we at Interrobang, turn into sex-experts so that you can get all the information you need about sex; essentially we turn into the younger version of cosmopolitan so that you don’t need to go searching for answers.
This way so you know everything you need to know here and now; from getting it on, to getting rid of the itch, we’ll explain it so you don’t have to be embarrassed about it, or ask about it.
            As a fashion journalist it’s difficult to write a sex related article that isn’t lingerie or crotch-less panties, something that isn’t about how to make your panties match your bra perfectly. Getting rid of the complexities of clothing and feathery extras we’re left with the human body: naked, exposed and potentially in need of the gym.
Something we never consider is the fashion of the human body. When we take off our clothes what are we left with? There’s a lot of skin, potentially a lot of hair and a lot of naked. The question is what do you do with all that hair and all the naked to look your best .
1. Pour some sugar on me: When approaching sex, the rule with body hair, for most people, is the less the better. However, if it must be there, keep it clean! The question is: how do we get rid of it without shaving it all the time, and without dealing with the painful pull of the exotic esthetician who is waxing between our legs. The solution is sugar. Sugaring is a much less painful way of removing body hair. Sugaring is a process much similar too waxing, but the wax doesn’t grip onto the skin and only attaches to the hair. It’s a perfect solution for those with very sensitive skin. Sugaring can be done anywhere on the body, from a Brazilian to the upper lip, wherever you find your skin the most delicate try sugaring.
2. Pubic hair, back hair and chest hair: People hate talking about body hair, it’s one of those topics that is rarely openly talked about -similarly too masturbating. However pubic hair and body hair can make or break the way you see someone sexually. Using a small focus group I have discovered certain facts. Women like a little body hair on men and men like no hair on women. As women we want a small treasure trail that does in fact lead to some pubic hair, because if the trail ends with no hair it looks severely peculiar.
Your legs can’t be smoother than ours otherwise it just doesn’t look quite as manly and your armpit hair must be trimmed. Also when we go to grip your back we don’t want it to feel as fuzzy as a rug from the 70’s, so please make sure your back is bare.
3. Keep things lubricated and lustrous: Get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about your skin. Skin should never be dry and dull while having sex. When you strip, or have your clothes ripped form you, a gorgeous glimmering body should be what your partner gets to feast upon. My personal favorite is Benefits “Take a lasts longer.” It retails for approximately $28.00 and is a silky body balm with a rose-gold colored sheen that smoothes your legs and makes them look sexy and drool worthy. You can also use this balm on the rest of your body; apart from the visual benefit it will also leave your body with a hint of perfume. Fragranced and glistening you’ll be looking fierce and ready for … action.

4. If you’re naked don’t wear clothes: You may be asking yourself what I’m talking about but let me explain myself. Summer just finished and while you might love reminiscing about the gorgeous time you spent in the sun by looking at the tanlines on your hips, they really are more for you than your partner. When given the option between a woman with tanlines and one without a group of men chose no tanlines every time. They found it distracting and sexier when they just weren’t there. However, I do not at all promote tanning beds, they’re dangerous and have been proven to lead to skin cancer. Use something a little less dangerous, something like a spray or a cream. You’ll be looking like a bronzed Brazilian beauty.
            Realistically if you are naked in front of someone who you are considering to have sex with it’s very unlikely that they will turn you down, however, it’s always best to look you’re sexiest so YOU feel confident. Get naked get sexy and get it on!

S.O Fashion

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