Ay Brazil Que saudade!

The World cup is in full swing and they picked the perfect location to host the games - Brazil.
The heat, the excitement, the people, the culture everything in brazil is so well suited to the excitement that fuels such a tournament. Tan skin, dark hair , light eyes, this has been one beautiful world cup to watch; so it goes without saying that we have kept an eye on the stands for all the great and crazy moments.


Not only have we kept an eye on the stands , and the field of course (the players are gorgeous) but we've also kept an eye out for any companies who would use this amazing event as an inspiration for something else.
Adidas Originals has come out with an amazing collection of World Cup inspired activewear; and while this could have been extremely cheesy they did it in a pretty great way. My only criticism would have to be the huge Adidas logo featured on basically every piece, sometimes branding is just over kill.

For all additional images, check out Dress To Kill Magazine

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