Eureka; Confused Beauty

So my blog is weird.
It's not much of a blog anymore it's just kind of become this thing where i used to post.
shitty right.

well i can't say that i have as much of a grasp on the fashion industry as when i was younger. i feel as though it's changed into something so unlikeable .
or maybe i've just become more aware of how kind of broad it is.
it all used to be so narrow lets say like 5 years ago. but now everyone is in the fashion industry. its shocking.

so here i am left at my computer unsure of what i actually want to write about.
like what the fuck is meaningful to me..... truthfully it's creation, effort, and all the small things we cease to notice. no i'm serious like the smallest thing we  hardly ever think about.

its the things like how the rain smells right now as it's mixed in with the amazing smell of Molton Browns Yuan Zhi Mist that relaxes me , and how Ooh La by the Kooks is currently playing and its total bliss.

its this incredible background song like they just turned my life into a teen drama.
it's quite dramatic.
it's how i feel like someone is actually going to read this post and understand me.
it's those moments when you pause and like for 20 seconds life actually makes sense , like you understand its purpose and your own. its like that incredible ability and to just see the confused beauty of it all and then you just keep going.

Maybe thats what my blog will become , confused beauty. something that doesn't make sense but it doesn't have to because it's lovely .

Whoever reads this i hope you understand it. i hope you see my love for the beauty in the world. i hope you start focusing on the small things.

S.O Fashion


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