Alexa 'IT' Chung

So I bought Alexa Chungs IT , and so far its pretty good. Its not quite a coffee table book but more like an end table book just because it's so small . Its a beautiful book.

Thus far i'm really liking her straight forward style of writing and all her small british sayings she throws in without realizing these subtleties make her who she is- it shows character.

Examples include but are not limited to the following:
Running shoes = Trainers
Mom = Mum
Study up kids = Swot up kids
Hollywood stars = Stars of the Silver Screen
Pants = Trousers
Swetater = Jumper

This book is broken down it's not a continuous prose, it's written in what i consider list form; she bounces from topic to topic listing what she loves and what has affected her. It's an easy way to get to know the writer without them writing a biography. She explains the external factors and how they've affected her but not what the effect has been. She is the end product of all the topics in her book.

I'm also loving the images she's incorporating into the book , they're fun and quirky and show her eclectic personality.

The one thing i wish  got to hear more of is her professional gains. Thus far it's been solely about her childhood and i'm halfway through.

Upon looking up additional biographical information on her you realize what an interesting life she's had. By interesting i mean all the opportunities shes received seem to have flowed directly to her. Discovered as a fashion model at 16 , offered several modelling campaigns, contributor for British Vogue & occasionally on television.
She's got it made.
I'm not saying she hasn't worked for these opportunities, just saying she's very fortunate to have been given some of them. She's seen in the front rows of most fashion shows and is known for her awesome street style.
She mixes great pieces together and is fearless in her outfit choices.

All in all she's a pretty cool cat.

Good on ya' Alexa


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