Does this count ?

I'm not really sure as this counts as a post cause i'm planning on just rambling.
Blah blahblah.
Alright well lately i haven't been posting much cause well there's this awesome thing called post secondary. and well it's coming up.
and frankly i've got to get my Shit together or else the Russian is going to kill me.
So lately i've been gathering up a storm.
From bed spreads to duvets, dishes and kettles, pots and toiletries life has taken over.

I'm getting all of these things together but i feel unmotivated for school... why ? i don't know, cant really say. Might be because i'm shaking in my un-bought Doc Marten Boots.
I'm not scared of school or living on my own or not having the feeling of my family but i'm thinking i'm more scared of who i'll discover i truly am, and what i truly want to do.
What if we find out everything we ever thought and wanted was all wrong. 
sure it's motivational to say we pick up the pieces and move on but what happens if we discover we can't?Then what?

To be honest i don't know how school will end up but i hope it all works out.
I hope i'm as talented as i think i am and i hope everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows just so i can learn and become motivated. cause as of right now thats my biggest problem.. i'm lazy as fuck.

P.s: i fucked your Xlover.
S.O Fashion.

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