Minimalist Views F/W 10'

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      So if you read magazines you would now that this coming season focus is minimalism. Blah colours and simple, elegant cuts. Camel, grey, beige, white, black , brown and splashes of Red. Mmm very yummy colours. All my favourite colours. Warm colours. they are my favourite  colours because they remind me of wrapping up in a patterned quilt. in a warm Lodge. One with a stone fireplace and bronze grate covering it. 
with a cherry oak coffee table with a big mug-bowl with Chai or Chamomile or Green or White Blueberry Pomegranate Tea. 
and a black cat lying on the top of the couch. An aged Chocolate brown couch with studded arm rests.  and   an ornate wrought iron decor hanging above the fireplace. 

Okay so anyways these colours are key for F/W 10' and frankly i could not be happier to see them on the runway this season. 
The following is a small very small... fucking tiny.. assortment of my favourite looks from some of my favorite designers.

Phillip Lim 3.1


Ann Demeulemeester
(One of my favorites)

Fall/ Winter is going to be a hell of a fun hopping season fuck can't wait .
daddy please can i borrow your credit card ...

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