god i'm brutal .. don't help me.

Just a floating thought. not much development. a thing that "POPS" in and pops out

Okay so recently i've been looking over things .. searching , digging spreading .. just a general rule that i've been curious. curious about things such as well.. everything. looking over websites and blogs & more blogs and picture sites, i've come across alot and well a theme that seems to keep popping up are eating disorders.
what is an eating disorder?
well.. according to my dictionary it is : any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa).
so pretty much you think things that change the way you eat.
that doesn't just mean anorexia, bulimia, trans-eating.. it means dieting too. 
no it doesn't mean your completely psychologically twisted and that you need immediate help.
all that it means is that people should start embracing their bodies.
if you were born a size 8 and your mom was a size 10 ... chances are you'll never be a size two and if you ever are then you've probably done severe damage to your body. 
Note to self : bones that stick out .. they aren't hot - you might want to re-consider.
here's the thing right.. everyone has their own definition of beauty whether it be skinny or fat light; or dark; short or tall. it doesn't matter because what one person characterizes as not being beautiful another might. its personal preference.
so while , for the moment, the majority of those models on the runway are skinny don't sweat it because i bet a good 85 % of the people watching the show aren't the same size and might not even think that its beautiful to look like a starving third world country child. therefore don't sweat it a revolution is on the horizon. one where is skin and bones is out and healthy is the new black.

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