Ai aie aiiiie

So i have disappointed myself in exponential amounts lately.
I haven't been blogging because i'm a lazy ass and well because i feel overwhelmed by my surroundings. being so used to everything in my small town know as home it was easier for me to blog because nothing near me changed much and everything in the distant universe changed. however now that everything around ME is what's changing i haven't fully had the opportunity to fully and completely settle myself.
     and well you see this my current main problem is my inability to throw out any ideas for the school paper.. which i do yes infact contribute to.
so with an empty shell of a  mind i am unable to determine my next article topic.. always pertaining to fashion of course.

i have been throwing ideas onto paper however they are all "Needs Improvement" ... not yet worthy of a "Good" .. oh troubling are these matters.

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