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What to wear now
By: Christina Kubiw Kalashnik

Calling all fashionistas and fashion lovers! Fall is finally here, and with it arrives some of our favorite looks. This season, fall fashion shows have been overwhelmed with 10 key trends. Whether for girls or guys, you are sure to be the best dressed and most stylish in the following trends.

1. Layering
            From tops to socks, layering is everywhere. One of the season’s most popular layering trends has been the one seen on our feet. Layering socks to create a cozy “wooden cabin” feeling worn with heels has taken over the runways. However, not only has this trend proved to be stylish, it has also proven to be quite practical, keeping our feet warm and allowing us ladies to get the most wear out of our summer kicks.
Although men can sport the sock trend, a separate look as emerged for our male companions. Turtlenecks, sweaters and vests are now being worn simultaneously. Emphasizing the fast approaching winter season, this look conveys a manly outdoorsy feel that hardly any girl can resist.

2. Dull colours
            Unlike the neon brights of summer, fall has gravitated to warm dull colours. Grey, beige and camel have proven to be the most popular colours for fall. Giving off a sophisticated feel these colours have been seen on all the runways from Celine to Chanel you can’t go wrong with these understated colours.  

3. 50’s silhouette.
            The 50’s were a time of freedom and femininity, and most renowned for Christian Dior’s New Look. The overall idea of the new look was to have women embrace their bodies and to celebrate the ending of WWII. With the recession losing ground and spirits lifting 50’s glamour is making it’s comeback. Slim and boxy silhouettes have been the craze for men. And for women, feminine, curvaceous and healthy is the new size 0.

4. Tailored outerwear.
            With falls tailored outerwear taking runways by storm women are throwing away their cheap trendy “one season” jackets and investing into luxurious tailoring. Quality jackets, both radiating elegance and status, are being re-popularized and young women are no longer just investing into trends but also quality.

5. Basics
            With the 50’s having an enormous influence on fashion the basics and classics are back. Crisp collared shirts with jeans or khakis have become a girls dream, and dresses and skirts have taken over women’s wear. Returning to the classic femininity of the 50’s era, pants have been tossed aside and the womanly alternative is back and more stylish than ever.   

6. Glamour Grunge
            There’s always more than one popular look for each season, and this season the alternative to the 50’s style is a glamour grunge. Made especially popular by Marc Jacobs; oversized is in. Big knit sweaters with earth-toned lame pants, long hair and bronze makeup have never been so popular. Everybody has their own interpretation of this new look so go find your inner grunge.

7. Wool
            For this season Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors and many other designers have stressed the importance of a good jacket. We are primarily seeing blends of fabrics, specifically Wool, Angora and Cashmere. Luxurious fabrics are being thickened and held together by wool. Wool is proving its importance to this seasons trends and can be seen everywhere from socks to jackets and sweaters.

8. Fur
            Brought back by Anna Wintour in the early 90’s, fur is returning to main-stream dress. It has even been turned into a full white body suit (as seen at the latest Chanel show.) But to you all you vegans, vegetarians and animal activists you have nothing to worry about because the majority of it is faux. It can either be worn in the form of accessories, vests, boots, and of course jackets. Take your pick and have fun with it!

9. Bright accents
            Although neutral colours are all the rage this season, fashion would be no fun without any color. So this fall, when you’re swinging on your camel coat and putting on your grey trousers, think about adding a splash of color to the mix. Reds and purples are especially popular this season, and whether it’s your gloves, scarf, hat, nail polish or purse you’re sure to be looking your best.

10. Oxfords.
            Classic and clean Oxfords are all the rage this fall. With heels or flats and a range of colours, you’ll never run out of options. Consider pairing them with stockings and knee-highs or a pair of jeans and a blazer. Preppy-chic and ladylike is the look these shoes help create. You might feel like a teacher but trust us you’ll look way better. Class dismissed.

S.O Fashion

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